Band is in the process of cutting an official album in the fall of 2013. All songs that have been released prior to Nov, 2012 are home made demo.

| Members |

Drums: Stanley Hardjadinata
Bass, Composition, Guitar: Nirajan Rai
Guitar/Solo, Vocals, Composition, Synth: Rajan Rai
Backing Vox: Nirajan Rai
Mixing & Mastering: John LeCompt (Evanescence) - 2013 Fall

| Associated Members |

Lead Guitar: Bishal BK, Nirpesh Thapa
Drums: Kalpu Rai
Guitar Solo: Brent Larcsen

| Biography |

"A river is always flowing, but it's always there... & so as souls, love, compassion..." Dharan, Koshi is also a birth place name of the band's composer, Rajan Rai, who was raised in HK and Hawaii. Band was formed in the fall 1995 as a college band at Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu.

| About the Band |

Earlier days comprised of English songs that were previously recorded as demos in a home studio. Band anticipates to re-record old songs in the debut album releasing in 2013. In 2005, Rajan collaborated with associated Nepali musicians to compose Nepali songs which will be recorded professionally soon. In 2008, Nirajan Rai 'Rajan's younger brother in Sydney' re-unites with his elder brother after 17 years being apart and joins the band to compose new songs. Life has been a series of struggles, void, and survival for these musicians.

Band's goal is to raise awareness in each of their audience to welcome love, compassion, empathy, sympathy, joy, fulfillment and unity through the making of music. "As musicians, we are simply a medium. What flows through our music comes from the universal energy which no one owns. Not even the composer." Rajan expresses. In the coming year, the band plans to initiate charity efforts in Nepal's rural areas to assist orphans, economically/physically challenged, elderly etc.

Help us expand Love, Compassion & Pay it Forward awareness by joining and sharing band's awareness page:

"Thanks to each of you for your support. We send love and peace to each of you for inspiring and giving us hope in writing music."

From the rock we live on - KOSHI

General Info

Band Members
Rajan Rai, Nirajan Rai, Stanley Hardjadinata
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Alternative / Post-Grunge / Nu-Metal

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Seattle, WA
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