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From the little village of Castledawson in the county of Derry, Ireland, Donna Murray’s voice has blossomed. Although she has loved music from her earliest years, not until 2011 did she touch song with her own fingers, learning a few chords on the guitar and beginning to sing simple tunes in the company of her husband, Joe Murray. Software given to Murray by a friend allowed her to record a few pieces at home; and so, on a whim, Donna began to produce a few YouTube videos. As she began to learn about how to put songs together, Donna and Joe decided it would be grand to invite other musicians into the creative process, welcoming neighbourhood artists who were gifted but relatively unknown. The Murray’s goal was help local musicians, young and old, gather their work into something tactile which could be shared for promotion or pleasure. These soirees provided a hearth where friends and family could collect, warmed by creativity and shared love of beauty. The intimacy and longing of these early gatherings of friends resound in Murray’s music to this day. There is a tender and safe quality about her voice, edged with the sweet ache of artists sharing dreams. Murray’s core influences can be detected in her work. There is a bit of Kate Rusby’s levity alongside a touch of Kraus’s pining. Today, Donna’s creative collaborations extend beyond the people of Derry, to international thinkers and musicians she has met online. Donna is thrilled that the internet has brought the music of the world so close, particularly for those who feel more comfortable expressing their abilities in shier venues. Welcome to the brilliant beauty of Donna Murray. Her voice is tender, it is light, it rings of ancient and future beauties.
Rebecca Reynolds.

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Donna Murray
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Country / Folk, / bluegrass/greengrass

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derry, UK