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Now in East Hartford, Connecticut, Matt Danger Goorahoo was born on the historic day when Walker Texas Ranger Chuck Norris traveled back in time to engage his past-self in unarmed combat. On this day, as we all know, many species went extinct from the sheer magnitude of destruction that tore apart the land. As Walker Texas Ranger and his past-self battled, two roundhouse kicks were simultaneously thrown by each Chuck - and such was the velocity of these kicks that when they met, one traveled back in time, tragically kicking Amelia Earhart's plane out of the sky, while the other transported to the Cretaceous period, and struck the ground with such force that every creature within five hundred thousand square miles was immediately obliterated, with the subsequent fallout killing off the rest of the non-avian dinosaurs. The lesser known effect of these two kicks meeting is the conception of Matthew Danger Goorahoo. He was found as an infant by a pack of lions on the plains of Sub-Saharan Africa, who were subsequently and brutally decimated by a wild White Tiger, who took pity on Matt, and raised him as his own. After various encounters with pirates, aliens, paradoxes, and a one armed metallurgist who taught Matt the ways of Metal, He wound up in East Hartford, Connecticut, and from then on, he began devoting his time to writing world changing music, and conquering all who cross his path (including that one chick who was just like "DAMN", and yes, even that one lass who was a generous 4, but when intoxicated, doubled to a formidable 8, as a result of double vision, naturally), and everything in-between including attending college full time, bouts as an MMA fighter, playing in a few bands, working for "the man", and kicking asses while taking down names for future reference. That is his story thus far, and here, we join his journey to Infamy.
Stage name: Matt Danger
Artist Name: Matthew Danger Goorahoo
Email: Mattdangergoorahoo@yahoo.com
Label: Unsigned
Musical Styles: Metal, Rock
Sounds like: Lamb of God, Threat Signal, Dethklok, As I Lay Dying
Matthew Danger Goorahoo is a solo artist and musician from East Hartford, Connecticut. His unique style brings a breath of fresh air to the genres of rock and metal, and an innovative approach to songwriting. In an age where the limit to what we create is hindered solely by imagination, Matthew Danger Goorahoo brings a distinct novelty, and addresses a variety of interesting subjects through his lyrical content, while keeping his music engaging and powerful. Matthew is quickly making a name for himself within the local metal scene in New England as a musician and as an artist.
Matthew Danger Goorahoo recently released the singles “Rex”, “Fiberoptic”, and “Calling of the Void”, and is currently working on a new EP called Age of the Monolith; as with his first album, Enceladus, Matt is writing and recording the EP in its entirety himself. The EP will deal with a number of themes, and addresses many philosophical questions regarding the nature of existence, consciousness in a deterministic universe, and religion, and is expected to be completed in Q4, 2016. Enceladus was released commercially in June of 2014 (re-released June 2016), and is available on iTunes

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Matthew Danger Goorahoo - Songwriting
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Matt Danger G
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Metal / Hard Rock / Heavy Rock

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East Hartford, CT

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