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ATTENTION indie music lovers, booking agents, music directors and David Geffen:

This is your introduction to the edgy Canadian rock band, From The Ground Up (FTGU) and what you read next could alter the course of Rock ‘n’ Roll! Let’s begin in Brazil, where SID (Vocals) escaped drug cartels in search of a better life, but his troubled past caught up with him and so did INTERPOL. Fortunately for SID, he was one of the few to complete Canada’s “Prisoners to Performers” program and was granted early release. Music became the most powerful driving force in SID’s life, landing him front man gigs in powerful, local Albertan rock acts, such as XIIth House and Fat Man’s Belly, meanwhile, honing his craft as a vocalist. Now meet PAT BASTARDE (Guitar), who knew the stage was his passion from an early age when he trashed the set of the Three Little Pigs in his starring role as the Big Bad Wolf. Due to several complaints from concerned parents, Pat was encouraged by his parents to take up more peaceful activities and there began his study of the classical guitar. But the stage was in his blood and after witnessing the vocal gymnastics of SID, from soothing falsettos to dark, demon-like growls reminiscent of Mike Patton of Faith No More fame, combined with a frantic stage presence, Pat knew he had met his match. In 2005, the opportunity presented itself and the two began piecing together what would become “From the Ground Up”.

With a motto of “there's only one way to go” and inspired by the success of fellow Albertan rockers, Nickelback, FTGU hit the Edmonton music scene hard and fast, attracting indie music scenesters with catchy numbers, including "Somebody Else". In less than a year, FTGU went from opening for Rake (Halloween, 2005 at the Grinder) to unveiling their debut EP, titled From The Ground Up (David Shepherd, Epic Sound Studio), at a sold-out release party (September 16th, 2006 at the Wunder Bar)! Unfortunately, after having had major line-up changes in their rhythm section, habits to kick, PhDs to earn, kids to raise and bitter divorces to settle, FTGU was forced into an indefinite hiatus.

Enter JOSH (drums) and TYLER (bass), two young heroes from Tofield. Josh’s love for music began early on in his childhood after making the cut as the drummer in his church band. But gravitation towards punk bands, such as Pennywise and Rancid, and failed Southern Baptist ‘snake charming’ ceremonies, forced him to turn his back on GOD. Together, with his long time friend, Tyler, who had just recently had a near death knife fight with another member of his jazz band (apparently a bourbon fueled dispute over the musicianship of bassist Robert Trujillo and his former band, Suicidal Tendencies), the two searched for rock stardom in Los Angeles, California. Two days later, they returned to Alberta.

FTGU LIVES!! In early 2011, SID and Pat sought to bring their rock baby back to life. Initially paranoid that they were, yet again, being pursued by sexually deviant fans of their brief appearance on the website, Fathers I’d Like to… (FILF.net), SID and Pat were relieved to find that Josh and Tyler were simply the enthusiastic and talented rhythm section that FTGU desperately required. Intense, Jedi-like training followed to carefully rebuild the “passion and intensity” that FTGU prides itself on. Based upon their highly successful return to the stage (September 23rd, 2011 at the Starlite Room) and the online release of their new single, "The Words", FTGU plans to tour Western Canada through 2012/2013.

This concludes the untold story of FTGU, so if you haven’t heard them, hear them; if you haven’t booked them, book them (unless you’re the fuzz); if you haven’t signed them, sign them!!!

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Band Members
SID - Vocals, Pat Bastarde - Guitars, Tyler - Bass, Josh - Drums
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From The Ground Up (FTGU)
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Rock / Sexy Metal / Alternative

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Edmonton, AB, CA

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