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In the beginning, there was a sound… and the sound formed into a note… and the note formed into a creature... the HydraPhonic. It roamed aimlessly, wandering through strange mountains of steel and asphalt… across vast stretches of barren plains…through thick forests… until finally coming upon the Mountains of Smoke. The local people of the nearby Village of Ashe slowly began to tell tales of this beast… of a creature unlike any they had seen or heard before… with powers to mesmerize mere mortals, or thrust them into a frenzy of dancing and debauchery. These villagers befriended and embraced the beast, and today even outsiders have come to the hills to try and catch a glimpse of this three-headed monster of sound, and perhaps even be seduced by its strange musical powers.

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Four Fingers O'Reilly as Eric Ciborski on keys, Tor-a-Lure McClure as Todd Omley on drums, and Twiggy "Twix" Murphy as Garrick Schenck on bass
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Rock / Jazz / Jam

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Asheville, NC