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Sundown Conspiracy was formed in 2001 and has continued to evolve ever since. Started in a basement (as most bands are) by drummer Mike Inga and bassist/vocalist Bob Casteel, Sundown has continued to grow in talent, as well as repertoire. Many countless hours were spent writing and rewriting the songs many of you have grown to love over the years.

"When we first started out, we had no idea what the hell we were doing, but we came to love that style of writing, and enjoyed the freedom of all the non-structure."
~Mike Inga/Drummer 2004

After the first year, as many as five songs were written, and Sundown decided it was time to branch out. After running into a local studio to record 3 of the 5 first songs, they hit the streets tryin to what bands do best, sell their shit. After playing a few local smal time shows, they were finally making at least a local name and decent following for themselves. To bring in the end of this drive, Nick VanCott, a close personal friend of theirs, was bround in to round of the trio that was to be for the next few years...

A man of many words, Nick VanCott was asked what his musical motivations were...

" I wanna see boobs."
~Nick VanCott/Guitarist/Vocalist 2003

The next year or so brought many shows, many parties, and more than a few jaunts into the studio to record yet another EP, and the trio Sundown was putting themselves and their fans to the test. Branching out and touching on their darker side, the started work on their second EP Once In a Blue Moon.

Songs on the new EP were a good mix of strong harmonies and haunting, yet heavy, undertones. Working together in the studio was like a vacation, including sleeping on the couch for many late nights, and walking around the studio with no shoes on. (a well known Sundown trademark)

When Sundown got approached more and more to do shows, they took the challenge head on.

" We were playing every weekend. I love the busy schedule, it keeps me motivated and I couldnt help but be more creative because of it.'
~Bob Casteel/Bass/Lead Singer

Once the whirlwind of live performances subsided a little, all the guys in Sundown decided it was time to go back to the studio to record their first full length LP. At Least For Now was a long process, almost two years long.

"It was very discouraging at first. It seemed like no matter how hard we worked, it would get us no where fast. We spent hours and hours recording and re-recording, and when that was finally done, we would spend hours more in front of the boards in the control booth. By the one year mark, we were getting very frustrated. But then one day, over probably something like fifty beers between the four of us, we decided that since we already put in all this work, and still had quite a bit to go, we might as well make the best of it. We used the time well and came out with a good product."
~Mike Inga/Drummer

Well as we all know, every band that is together for a long time will suffer some line up changes. Over the course of two years, Nick VanCott's devotion and attendance became spotty and unreliable. When he finally left we had to fill a void, and we brought on Nick Kelly to fill that void.

Luckily for the past year before Nick #1 Finally left, Mark Inga stepped up to bat as Sundown's second guitar player. He was able to learn quickly, and became a very integral part of Sundown's style and performance.

Sundown Conspiracy was never busier at this point in their career, and things were in full swing. and the writing was in full swing too. SDC was playing shows almost every other weekend, it was like an unstoppable force. Unfortunately, like in many things, every force can be stopped when met by an equal or greater opposing force. In this case, that force was death..........

At one particular NJ show for Sundown, it was an extremely successful saturday night. The show was packed, and there was even a lot of family members there. The other bands there that night were all kicking ass, and it was Sundown's turn. The performance as I remember it that night was amazing, and it will forever be embedded in my brain.

The next day at 3pm the phone call had come in that our rhythm guitarist Mark Inga was in a major motorcycle accident, and family and friends rushed to the hospital while he was flown from the accident site to the hospital in a helicopter. Unfortunately, upon arrival, we were all informed that he was killed on impact. That day will never be forgotten. ~~RIP Mark Inga May 28th 2011~~

Sundown Conspiracy has now taken on a new form, and with our current line up (posted at the top of this page) is stronger than ever, even though it has suffered a terrible loss, and we are in the studio and still going to continue the Sundown Conspiracy legacy in his name as well as for ourselves......


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Mike Inga - Drums, Mark Inga - Guitar/Vocals, Bobby Casteel - Bass/Vocals, Jeff Hamilton Guitar/Vox
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Sundown Conspiracy
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Newton, NJ