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EUGENIC DEATH is an "uncompromising old-school thrash band" featuring Jonathan McCanless (guitar), Keith Davis (vocals), Shane Lucas (bass), Jason Bowman (drums). The group's 2011 demo, "The Devil Waits", has spread through the underground rapidly and now time has come to unleash them to the rest of the world. With a sound akin to ONSLAUGHT, DEMOLITION HAMMER and the Bay Area scene, EUGENIC DEATH stays true to its roots.

past members: Ian Pasquini Drums from 2010 to 2012

Formed in late 2010, Eugenic Death is a thrash metal band from
Greensboro, North Carolina. Fanatical followers of old-school thrash metal, the
members of Eugenic Death are on a metal mission to bring back the genre.
Jonathan McCanless-lead guitarist-had long desired to get his music into mass circulation and decided in late 2010 that the only way to accomplish this was to start a band with the most professional, dedicated, and talented musicians he could find.The natural choice for vocals was Keith Davis, whose voice is reminiscient of legends like Chuck Billy of Testament and Max Cavalera of Sepultura. Jonathan had previously been in another local band with Keith and knew his capacity for
producing epic thrash vocals.

The other member of that original band was Shane Lucas, a bassist whose style is heavily influenced by Steve Harris of Iron Maiden. His wildly creative bass parts harmonized perfectly in both speed and style with Jonathan's guitars.

Unsure of where to find a drummer Jonathan turned to Keith and Shane to find the perfect fit. Keith immediately offered drummer Ian Pasquini, drummer from High Point, NC. Influenced by Mastodon, Slayer,and Dying Fetus. Ian earned his place as Eugenic Death's drummer

In 2012 Eugenic Death's Debut Album "Crimes Against Humanity" Was released. A year later Ian Pasquini the drummer of Eugenic Death parted ways with band due to personal reasons.
2014: Jason Bowman joins the band. The Future for Eugenic Death looks brighter now that a drummer has been found.

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Band Members
Jonathan McCanless: Lead guitar, Keith Davis: Vocals, Shane Lucas: Bass, Jason Bowman: Drums
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Eugenic Death
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Metal / Thrash Metal

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Greensboro, NC

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