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"What a gift! Juha is brilliant, Juha is genius."
- Marc Almond

Juha began in Hawaii as a queer hip hop outfit with a Middle Eastern twist, and is now a sonic stewpot brewing sounds in the heart of Hackney London.

The debut 'Polari' album fused elements of Middle Eastern, Hawaiian, and punk music over a hip hop back-drop - with topics including sexism in hip hop, Palestinian dislocation, and back-woods hate crimes. It scampered to #1 on the Outvoice album chart. 'The Grooms of God' followed with its mix of dervish disco, electro-classical, and dub, as Juha spun stories of man-eating tigers and male prostitutes, plus a few goofy rhymes about the frontman's dick.

A cover of Nina Simone’s “Be My Husband” was released with lyrics tweaked for the age of marriage equality, and “Bloodstains and a Crow" addresses mental health amidst an epidemic of teen suicides.

Every Step You Take Is A Migration. Our souls are never confined to a nation.

JUHA is now:
Collin Clay Chace - lead vocals
Jane Hall - keys & beats
Davina Pascal-O'Mahoney - bass
Michelle Pascal-O'Mahoney - vocals

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Alternative / World / New Wave

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London, ENG, UK

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