The Copy Scams / Bio

The Copy Scams are a the band equivalent to a 24 hour zine!

Steve was visiting Portland from the UK and thought it might be fun to start a band while he was in the US. While he was in Portland he lived in a closet in the basement of the Spiral house and tricked housemates Alex, paul and Marc to form a band in three weeks before the 2010 Portland Zine Symposium.

In those three weeks they wrote, practiced, and recorded 4 songs then played a show to end the Portland Zine Symposium weekend.

What we recorded was 4 songs about stealing photocopies, excuses as the why the band/zine is late and a song about the 24 hour zine challenge. Up the analog zine punks!

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Band Members
Alex Wrekk, Steve Larder, Paul Burke, Marc Parker, Gz Medium
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The Copy Scams
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Other / analog zine punk / Lo-Fi Pop Punk

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Portland, OR