Arkayan / Press

“Arkayan appear to understand the importance of inserting quieter layers amongst their heavier noise and powerful rock licks. With an impressive junction of guitar rock and soft metal, as well as the inclusion of poignant lyrics accompanied by a focus on complex melody, Arkayan have a rounded sound that place them well within the indie metal scene.”

“The milk that gathers at the base of my bowl folllowing the deliciousness of fruit loops is consistantly the best tasting shit i have ever tasted in my life. It is curiously purple and tastes like everything all at once. Hence, an example of things mixing with a good outcome, much like the vibrant, relaxing rock of Arkayan. Patience is overwhelmingly present but not in a frustrating way. Each track unfolds at about just the right pace without meandering too far from the goal of moving the song forward. Top-class songwriting, fulfilled with excellent instrumentals and a top qualiy release all round. ”

“This quite new Australian band established in 2009 may get thrust into the limelight of the prime time progressive rock scene thanks to ear-friendly compositions which do not lack hard rock guitar riffs.”

“Arkayan really gets mileage with their lyrics and rhymes! Word economists. Yet still the meaning is clearly felt and articulated. And it rocks.”

“Arkayan should appeal to fans of the Dream Theater type progressive hard rock. The vocals are wonderful and the instrumentation is superb.”

“The fact that Arkayan remains unsigned is very surprising and I have a hunch that it will not last long.”

“if you're in Australia, and these guys are playing, then you NEED to see them”

"this is a solid debut"