ARJUN / Press

“Arjun are masters of their craft and their synergy is clearly the result of years of playing together, as with all the best bands. You can also sense this is a real labour of love for all involved, and repeated listenings are richly rewarding as the intricacies and nuances become more manifest.”

““An excellent album, a consistently impressive, enjoyable body of work””

“When you hear the intricacies of Eddie Arjun Peters’ guitar skills, you will know exactly why there are no vocals on this record… the guitar IS the vocal”

"inventive and refreshingly different"

John Reid - Keith Community Radio 102.8 FM Keith, Banffshire, SCOTLAND

“...what is behind those raw instruments is raw talent, and that is the true story of this new group. There is a bonding that is blatantly obvious among this threesome that is hard to define, one just needs to open his or her ears and mind and soak in all that is in this 7 track release.”

Jake Burritt - WYCE (Grand Rapids, MI)

“If funk and groove is your thing, then you'll love the debut CD from Arjun.”

"the culmination of the all natural cohesion of three great musical genres: funk, rock and jazz. Arjun demonstrates that lyrics aren't necessary to tell a story. All you need is raw instruments."

Jake Burritt - WYCE (Grand Rapids, MI)