Arcadia / Press

“These two tracks from “Worlds Collide” are executed and written in a way that you can’t fault. If you like metalcore music then you will like this. I’m sure their current fans will drop loads aplenty for TORN and FRAGILE”

The Angry Fijian

"Fragile and Torn in Two are a couple of very solid tracks! Awesome production, plenty of hooks, huge sound & more aggressive. About 27 seconds in to "Fragile" I was sold. Most bands try to 'raise the bar' with each release, that's not the case here. Arcadia detached that bar and will beat the scene bloody with it."

-DrtyNeedlz, Synsane Radio (USA) - Synsane Radio

“Arcadia have all the tools at their disposal to lead the Adelaide metal/hardcore scene for years to come. From Ashes, We Rise is a dominating first effort from them.”