A Primitive Evolution / Press

“these kids know how to birth an earworm”

“Finally some decent rock music...”

“They put a lot into their performance... By the end of their set it feels like one giant party.”

“A Primitive Evolution stood out from the rest.”

“They are in not doubt, one of the next most promising rock acts to come out of the underground”

“Toronto's A Primitive Evolution deals aggressive, experimental hard rock a la Faith No More meets Alice in Chains.”

“Re: Beyond True - The chorus sang by Brett Carruthers is powerful and drills itself into the listener's head. A few listens and this just may become everyone’s next favorite song - it's a fun, rockin' jam! A Primitive Evolution is a band everyone should keep their eye on.”

"The offspring of Grunge"

“Explore Music featured Artist SONGS YOU GOTTA HEAR “Death On Wheels” by A Primitive Evolution”

“The band pounded out hard hitting rock songs that should garner quite a bit of interest. The brilliant "Beyond True", which I consider to be a radio ready hit, energized the crowd. I heard one of their fans exclaim "that's a great f**king song!” my sentiments exactly.”

“Self-proclaimed fans of horror culture, A.P.E. unleash a killer (pun intended) live performance that’s sweeping, hypnotic, and intense, proving that they are indeed defenders of the rock-metal faith.”

“If you're not from Toronto or you don't know what I'm talking about, I feel sorry for you because this band are a rock 'n' roll wet dream and they're sexy as f**k.”

“Aside from two of the members and the overall style being similar to Lye, A.P.E. is attempting to tackle a different angle - conceptualism. Calling themselves “an anthropological experiment” on their Myspace page, the band has a message that could very easily reflect their crazy onstage antics.”