"If you are looking for a fresh, original and dedicated band to serenade your ears and save them from all that noise pollution than look no further than the band Apophenia. With group members as original and unexpected as the band name it should come as no surprise that this band’s unique sound is catching the attention of listeners all over. "I was fortunate enough to get the chance to ask this group a few questions about their band and themselves. The answers I received are truly some of the most entertaining and honest answers I have ever had the pleasure of reading. "

“Apophenia are set to record some follow-up material to their melodically energized eponymous debut album, so Rocksucker fired some questions over to the band's camp to find out a bit more about the whole operation. First, though, check out aforementioned album right here...”

“The Deli Magazine Staff nominates Apophenia as Artist of The Month for NYC (poll result pending!)”

“Apophenia creates music that surrounds you in every direction. It's like listening to their lush and powerful orchestrations from the bottom of a canyon. Whether discussing the final steps before reaching the gallows, or the freedoms of the open road, singer Seamus Kerley and band bring a majesty to their stew that mixes their ingredients with hearty soul and pointed harmonies. Recalling groups from CSNY to Sunny Day Real Estate in their latest self-titled LP, the three-piece paints with a large brush to cover such a wide territory. Songs like 'To The Gallows (our green mile)' and 'Open Roads' begin the record with an open invitation, and even when exploring rockier fields in later tracks 'Serenity' and 'I'm Coming Home Soon,' the Long Island group always keeps a large view on whatever situation they find themselves in. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)”

"A touring, recording, NYC-based indie band committed to the DIY ethos. Apophenia is known for its deeply vested individual roots in the music industry, and is making its own mark as a band."


“FEATURED UNSIGNED ACT OF THE NIGHT @ Sigma Sound Studios in PA and Webster Hall NYC”

Nathaniel Ford Jr. - RCA Records

“Apophenia - The Lyrics are Cryptic - The Groove is in the pocket..."”

“A refreshing sound when so many bands tack on the "experimental" and "progressive" descriptors only for them to not actually apply. All told, Apophenia have got something interesting going for them.”

Sean Rizzo - Absolute Punk

"Open Roads" is a prime example with upbeat and quick-tempo guitars paired with soft and haunting vocals in a PMToday-esque fashion. The percussion takes a more prominent position in "Meet Me in the Morning", arguably the most catchy track on the entire album. It sets a general parameter for the rest of the tracks, which consists of a catchy riff amongst a steady acoustic chord progression, along with the transitional cheery side in the vocals."

Sean Rizzo - Absolute Punk

"In a word, serene. Although the mood between each track transitions between sad and glum to bright and happy several times throughout the duration of the album, it maintains a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. You can expect the sort of thing you would hear being played around a campfire with some interesting ballad-like lyrical content and catchy, textured guitar work for flavor. True to their experimental roots, there are several distinct nuances of post-rock and even a bit of jazzy math rock infused inside the tracks."

Sean Rizzo - Absolutepunk.net

“ "With over five years together as an experimental indie rock band, Apophenia has grown into a respected band with a strong following in the Long Island area. After several life-altering events, the band regrouped after a short hiatus, focusing on creating music that had a different sound from their usual experimental feel. The band altered their sound into an indie pop-rock feel, without comprising their originality and love for experimentation in music. Enticing listeners with catchy choruses, as well as unique guitar and bass hooks, Apophenia’s music has reached a new level that can only move the band forward in their careers."”

"Long Island Indie Rock act Apophenia just released the first single "Mission Valley" from their upcoming EP of the same name. This track marries the usual progressive elements that are characteristic of Apophenia's sound with a newfound accessibility to create one of their best tracks to date. You can get the track at their BANDCAMP [www.apophenia.bandcamp.com] site now and pre-order the EP there as well. Do it!"

“Hailing from the state of New York, Apophenia went a long way from their earlier predominantly experimental attitude, finding the right compromise with contemporary indie-pop vibes and alternative rock influenced that definitely inferred a peculiar twist to the band’s sound: Still keen on experimenting, but also crafting tunes with a more classic-pop-structure. (hooks & choruses, and great harmonies)”

“Apophenia’s music is a warm amalgamation of indie rock and ambient tones. Apophenia just released a new E.P. called The Rise of Resister, and it is dirty!”

““This week I was lucky enough to sit down with one of my favorite Long Island bands; Apophenia is a really interesting name. It’s got this sort of haunting vibe to it that I think fits perfectly with your music…Your latest release ‘Rise of The Resister” is currently being offered as a free download. I for one was waiting patiently for this E.P. and I’m definitely not the only one.” ”

"Their music seems so familiar when you first turn it on. I’m not sure if it’s because it sounds like something else or because the ambient sounds just make you feel all warm inside, but either way it kicks ass. The way the vocals blend with the music just brings it all together. These guys are iLL!”

“On their CD "The Quick Release" The singer / guitarist Seamus Kerley show cased his haunting yet melodic voice, which comes off very well at a live show. The other guitarist Nadeem a.k.a. Deemy is also a very talented musician."”

Radio J - Aural Fix

"Apophenia's music has a lot of catchy melodies. This was my first time seeing them live, and even with out a bassist I was impressed."

Radio J - Aural Fix (usigned Fest.)

“Q- If your band had a motto, what would it be? A- "Sometimes, accidents are quite beautiful when u bump into the right walls and are forced to stop, look around, and unwind in the moment..."”

Tiffany Charbonier - CUNY Brooklyn College paper

“Q- Define music to you. A- Music is the one few places where the police men, hippies, and gangsters can all smile at each other... When a single note hits the air and drops into your ears it's divine.. It reaches the soul and invites it to play.”

Tiffany Charbonier - CUNY Brooklyn College paper