Anvil Smith / Press

“Hailing from Moscow, Russia comes a brilliant and multi-talented up and coming producer named Anvil Smith. Flawlessly blending elements of glitch-hop and hip-hop with soulful samples and bass heavy beats, Anvil Smith creates a beautiful, funk-flavored style of bass music that is entirely his own. The young Russian producer recently released his debut EP titled Bring The Heat, which undoubtedly does “bring the heat”, starting off with upbeat and soulful songs such as “No More Tears”, brought together by the bass-driven banger “Ghost Dreams” and wrapped up by the glitch-infused, lazer-bass laden track “The Way In The Dark”.”

“Hailing from Russia, Anvil Smith is the second coming of electronic hip-hop and glitch. We see his emulation of all things amazing about our US electronic scene gracefully put together into tracks that are enjoyable to widest variety of ears. WHis next EP will be out in the Fall, showcasing his ever developing sound and his abilities as a producer and sound engineer. 2013, Anvil will come stateside for a tour to properly showcase his live set. Until then, enjoy his soundcloud and get ready for Anvil Smith.”

“I just love discovering new talent like this. Today, we’re introducing to you yet another Russian phenom. Joining the ranks of Swanky Tunes, Archie, Arty, and so many others, here is Anvil Smith. With only 28 (ok now 29) likes on Facebook, we’re bringing him to you at the start of his career, although his music sounds so polished, so professional, and so listenable to that he may as well have been touring for a decade now. Through Bring The Heat, you’ll hear sounds similar to Pretty Lights, with a bit of Big Gigantic, and of course some of that unique sound. Trust us when we say, Anvil Smith is the next big thing in this style of music, and you’ll wanna be the first to hear him!”