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"When an artist produces an incredible debut, there is always some apprehension about whether his or her second album will be as good. Antonio Simone does not disappoint!"

"I heartily recommend this album and look forward with great anticipation and confidence to further albums and oeuvres from this talented pianist, who allows us to paint our own mind pictures with his sensitive and inspired compositions and artistry."

"What They Are Saying... (Can All These People Be Wrong?" (...) Can all these people be wrong? I sincerely hope not! ... for all these comments both delight and encourage me, and for that I am sincerely grateful. I dedicate this book to all my Fans who give me the courage to persevere and to continue to compose, venturing forth into uncharted waters, where unimagined discoveries may be made.

“Dear Antonio, I am so grateful to have found your lovely music. (...) I've spent time this morning listening to your rich and soulful compositions...ethereal, as well. I wish you much joy and abundance, and wish to thank you for bringing more beauty into this world. With love and deep respect, Janni”

Janni (Carmel Valley, CA, US) - Your beautiful music

“Piano has a unique depth that is almost inimitable. Imparting sound by striking the tense/stretched strings, it brings out moods that are subtle, energetic and moving. A pianist, at the same time, appears like a ring-master, who sits confidently on the stool and ready to finger-signal the lions (keys) to make their movements. Indeed, a pianist, sitting in an assured posture and attuned to music with closed eyes with a bit of up-bent head, is literally a treat for the eyes, not to mention that the music of piano is a treat to the ears. It is in such feelings that you will end up listening to the album “Life Colours”–a solo composition by Italian pianist Antonio Simone. Though the length of the CD would make you desire you for more, the collection still takes you through the varied moods (Rāg – Indian name meaning mood, color, attachment). “Life Colours” is a beautiful collection and great effort from Antonio in giving the listeners something to tune themselves to some pure”

“Life Colours" es el álbum debut del compositor y pianista italiano, Antonio Simone. Formado por trece cortos, este un trabajo a medio camino entre el estilo clásico y el New Age, donde cada pieza recoge las emociones y pensamientos del artista reflejados en diversas melodías: cálidas, minimalistas, alegres y enérgicas, melancólicas, nostálgicas.... Un álbum que no mantiene un carácter lineal, todo lo contrario, lleno de matices que mantienen al oyente expectante en todo momento. Antonio Simone dará mucho que hablar con este maravilloso e increíble debut, trece solos de piano que no dejarán indiferente a nadie. Cualquier apasionado de la música encontrará este CD imprescindible, estoy seguro de ello. Los matices de este trabajo son realmente amplios y muy ricos. Antonio Simone es un artista que habrá que seguir muy de cerca. Life Colours es sencillamente increíble, un trabajo altamente recomendable.”

“Not for Antonio Simone the fear of superstition! His brilliant debut album comprises 13 inspiring tracks, reflecting a broad spectrum of colours (read moods) and composed in a classical/new age style. The pace and tone of the individual pieces vary tremendously, portraying a gamut of emotions which one experiences in a lifetime.”

“Life Colours" is a fusion of classical and new age piano styles, which gives the music an accessible yet complex quality that I really love. Simone’s playing is confident and beautifully expressive - a pianist’s pianist, if you will. This is music that is too good to be relegated to background music. Get comfortable, close your eyes, and enjoy the lovely musical journey. Antonio Simone is certainly off to a great start with his recording career! “Life Colours” is strongly recommended!”

“Music inspires. I felt it for real during the performance of Antonio Simone. Photography inspired by his playing. The smile on his face, the utter sense of enjoyment in his expression as his fingers played sweet music on the piano. We all know classical music hardly gets any attention, specially in a show which is filled with young dance loving people. But trust me he got the loudest and the longest applause. The people who listened, loved him! I was one of them. ”

“Arrived in London to receive the award at Scala in King’s Cross; the Italian pianist Antonio Simone offered to the audience of the Italian Cultural Institute of London a remarkable music concert. He mainly played the compositions of his latest CD ‘Life Colours’. Music is a universal language that crosses and overcomes differences. Happiness, melancholy, love, nostalgia, energy are amongst the emotions I felt while listening to Antonio's music; he plays the piano to provoke feelings to his audience, to the people who are willing to live emotions; trigger and final aim at the same time. After the concert I had the pleasure to chat a little bit with Antonio in a sort of informal and unplanned interview which gave me the possibility to discover a little bit more about his music and how it is entangled to his life. (...) ”