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In the past year, Over 9.5 million plays on Soundcloud and another 14 million on all other services, he is the worlds most "played" DJ! Video DJ Ant Cruze (also known as 2greendollars) has the Guinness World Record for Video DJ’ing. He has managed to reinvent his image multiple times and stay fresh for a new generation of music listeners. Not only that, Cruze is one of the worlds pioneers of Digital Audio and Video, Webcasting, and Remixing. Through inventing and Pioneering technology he shapes our digital age today in his concerts and progresses the Live Entertainment form itself!

Cruze has previously enjoyed international chart hit remix success for major artists under several nom-de-plume DJ Names. Artists such as Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, B.B. King, Chubby Checker, Madonna, Peter Andre, Kylie Minogue, The Village People, East 17, Girlfriend, Shanice, Bingo Boys, T.B.T.B.T., Pretty Poison, and Jamie Foxx have all had the remix treatment that either launched or re-launched their musical careers or bought about chart success once again for them in the dance circles.

In 2016 he celebrates 30 years in the industry working as a Professional DJ/VJ, Producer, Remixer and Entrepreneur and Inventor. The only time he rests is when he is asleep.

His first ever DJ gig, aged 16, was in 1986. He headed a Mobile DJ outfit called Funktions performing commercially for the first time on June 22nd at The Veneto Club in Bulleen, Victoria Australia.

In 1988, the moment he turned 18, he was whisked away by a global DJ Talent Agency and played at Clubs in Asia. The mobile DJ turned into an International DJ. He returned to Australia and played all over the country: Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Airlie Beach, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, and Darwin. In Melbourne, he played at clubs such as Chasers, The Metro, Warehouse, Tunnel, Grainstore Tavern, Inflation, Underground, and Cadillac Bar.

The country that made Cruze a celebrity as a DJ and remixer in high demand in the 90’s was The United States. He gained his fame landing a resident DJ gig at the famous Palladium in New York at a time when MTV was experimenting with a weekly music TV show format out of the famous club. New York became his Apple, and as DJ "Anthony Cruze", New York clubs such as Limelight and The Tunnel embraced his fresh new R&B/Pop Funk music style.

Philadelphia, Denver, Chicago, and Los Angeles kept the DJ’s career going from strength to strength. “Studio 54” in Las Vegas, Prince’s “Glam Slam”, the famous “Roxbury” formerly on Sunset Boulevard in LA, and “The Red Onion” were the DJ’s gigs. In between gigs he worked on tracks using digital remixing and restoration technology, relaunching Pretty Poison, Chubby Checker, and The Village People. Meeting Michael Jackson at his “Neverland” ranch was another highlight of his career, where he showed Jackson at his Neverland Ranch how he could “remix” one of his music tracks without having to leave the digital domain. Chidiac pioneered Digital Audio Editing using an Atari and with the help of a friend that had an idea of repackaging the computer into a rack mount unit called it the “ADAP”. He got his first client for the product thanks to Jackson (Sony Studios in Studio City, LA) and the device was later found in every large recording studio in Hollywood, the United States, and then the world.

In 1999, Cruze took his lifetime dream of making compressed video editable in real time on a computer and made it reality. He teamed up with Pinnacle Systems and Microsoft and pioneered the Recordable DVD concept live and in real time. He got sponsorship from Multimedia Victoria and took his technology and process and launched it onstage with Bill Gates at COMDEX in 2001, where Gates was launching “Windows XP”. Cruze cleverly introduced the technology to a global media contingent and to the Major Players in Electronics by flying in Buskers from Bourke Street in Melbourne Australia to the Las Vegas launch. The buskers were the subject performers for this 45 minute presentation live and in real time. The content was recorded directly to DVD and played back to the audience of 17,000 people and global media representatives. It was the first time that JVC, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung and a coalition of nearly 100 developers and manufacturers agreed on one format, one method, and one pioneer that put it together and made it work. Today, Cruze is credited as the pioneer of the DVD Recorder that exists in most consumers’ households.

In 2003, Cruze embarked on a three year social project to research and transform the Music and Internet industries. The concept labelled “o3 convergence cafe” became the finalist in Yahoos “Worlds Best Internet Cafe”. The concept involved decking out a derelict building to make it look like the inside of a 747 Jet. He pioneered the transparency of the Music Video to be flexible for him to “scratch” and with his first success under his belt he held regular events at the facility to debut a host of new technologies in entertainment and gaming. It was the first time where a music video was “scratched” live, along with online multiplayer gaming commercially launched, and the convergence of such technologies successfully tested in the one facility. It became a profitable social experiment.

In mid 2006, after 20 years in the industry, Cruze took his first ever break from entertaining to reinvent his career and focus from the ground up. Returning to the Recording Studio in 2007 as an artist, he began recording tracks to his debut album. With the sudden, tragic death of Michael Jackson in 2009, he was invited to LA LIVE to perform a unique one hour Video and Audio “MegaMedley” Presentation of Michael Jacksons Discography at the launch of “This Is It” the movie.

In 2012, Cruze became a notable person in his own right, and the world celebrates his Guinness World Record Achievement. You can see comments from notable people on his website.

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Anthony Cruze - Producer, Felix Thorne - Vocals, Juan Martinez - Acoustic Guitar
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Ant Cruze and the Superstars (aka 2greendollars)
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Brighton, VIC, AU
Allan Knights/Tom Atkins-AU/US Samer Chidiac-ME/EU

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