Animal Noise / Press

“Animal Noise, a dynamic three piece, so much energy, and great tunes. One of the best bands I've seen in a long time. Pretty cool following too. ”

Roland Gift - Fine Young Cannibals

“Just listened to the album. What comes straight back to me is the energy that I am reminded of from seeing that first gig, and not being afraid to show it, and not being tied to safe formulas. His voice sounds great, it kind of has a "torn from the soul" feeling to it, and I love the way the voice, the guitars and the drums hook in with each other.”

Mike Lindup - Level 42

“They create a party sound that wouldn’t go amiss on a field full of ravers. Animal Noise produce guitar music you can dance to and they are proving to be one of the best crowd pleasing bands out there”

Ben Howard - Colchester Free Festival founder

“Animal Noise have to be seen to be believed- 1 man flamenco tornado cum singer who propels the matchingly brilliant riddim section thru a set of superb funky jazz tinged artpop songs.”

Bugbear website - Review

“…three-piece flamenco-folk-twisted-power pop-anti electric-bare foot-rockers… ”

Jason Cobb - Colchester Chronicle

“The sound they make from a classical guitar, bass, drums and a soulful singer is, I guess, somewhat like if the Violent Femmes had wanted to sound like Red Hot Chilli Peppers. As a band, they are tight as hell and energetic with it too. ”