Angelical Tears / Press

“Hailing from Oklahoma, bang in the middle of the infamous Tornado Alley, Angelical Tears features two females and four males with the vocalist of Russian origin. Sounding similar to Evanescence, Vanguard and Within Temptation, the Gothic Metal sextet wrote their debut EP amongst the tornadoes circulating the studio, dragging in the darkest of atmospheres and fury from nature's beauty. How daring is it that the band should perform in front of an audience with a tornado on the horizon, it is as if this EP would be the best soundtrack for such an occurence. Such sheer beauty is brought by Julia on vocals and Jennifer on keyboard duties, but with that sheer darkness and sublime metal is brought by Steve (also male vocals), Derek, Glenn and John and together the American sextet deliver potentially one of the best Gothic Metal debut's seen this year, so much so I cry 'Angelical Tears'.”

RHYS STEVENSON - Wretched Spawn

“From Oklahoma, comes the Gothic Rock/Metal band Angelical Tears. Their debut 6-song EP features 22-minutes worth of songs with dark, haunting melodies that at times are reminiscent of Evanescence. Angelical Tears are fronted by the formidable vocals of Julia Flansburg. First o, Angelical Tears has crafted a ne debut with the songs on their self-titled EP. The production is excellent and the songs are well written and performed. From the opening track "No More" – which is a great, heavy opener – the band highlights the strong vocals of Julia Flansburg. This is also the one song to include rough male vocals. The third track "Dreams" features a number of tempo changes and is my favorite of the 6 included here. "Tomorrow Happens Now" is only about 3-minutes long but it is a fast paced up-tempo track that is another highlight. The closing two tracks the hauntingly melodic "Darkness" and the piano heavy ballad "Chasing Eternity" brings "Angelical Tears" to a great conclusion.”

Tony Cannella - Femme Metal

“Stop the presses; hold the fort, hell has frozen over. We actually have a really good female fronted Gothic sounding American release. Someone call my cardiologist, I’m having heart palpitations. Well, actually, I’m enjoying it more than I can possibly describe. Maybe there’s hope for a band from the northern part of the Western Hemisphere in a country not called Canada. And where are they from you ask? Oklahoma, not generally regarded as the hippest state in the union, and generally proud of it. Don’t ask me how it happened, it just did. Now I’m not saying I’ve never found anything to recommend in Oklahoma but strip joints aren’t generally a staple on this site, and that was the only high point in my experience with the Sooner state, especially that little redhead, er, ahh. . . . But, I digress.”

Doctor T. - Sonic Cathedral

“Based in a suburb of Oklahoma City is the pure European Neo-Classical female fronted Melodic Gothic Power Metal orientated band ANGELICAL TEARS. If no additional info was supplied to me, I would never have guessed this band is from the USA, because this sounds like a typical Dutch band to me and comparisons to the Dutch bands EPICA, AFTER FOREVER, DELAIN, THE GATHERING, KINGFISHER SKY, STREAM OF PASSION, WITHIN TEMPTATION, MORNING, AUTUMN, etc. etc. are quite easy to make. Without a doubt, the band’s debut mini-CD is a high quality release that can easily compete with the aforementioned bands. Happily, the production is also very good and it is thanks to the excellent musicianship of the band and the ‘angelic’ voice of Russian born singer JULIA FLANSBURG, this ANGELICAL TEARS is receiving the highly recommended mark.”

Gabor Kleinbloesem - Strutter'zine

“Angelical Tears, the oncoming threat from Oklahoma, USA, emerge once again from the darkened abyss and deliver their latest release 'The Eleventh Hour'. Featuring more of the classic Within Temptation and Evanescence combination, the quintet immerse the listener with soothing heavenly vocals, razor-hard ris and solid drumming in one epic package. Since their self-titled debut, Angelical Tears have torn apart the rulebook and wrote their own sound, layering dierent elements from dierent Metal genres and nalising a sound that will captivate any fan of female-fronted bands, this is perhaps the album to get them signed by and as 'The Eleventh Hour' strikes, four tornadoes spawn, ready to strike the heart of the everyday metal fan.”

RHYS STEVENSON - Global Metal Apocalypse