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“‘Til My Heart Stops Beating, the first single and video from their sophomore EP “Rumoura“, well defines the emerging ANWTLF as soulful grit and groove powerhouse, and sets the stage for big things to come. ANWTLF’s unlikely rise from the land of sunshine has been fueled by a distinct song-focused style ranging from Kings Of Leon at their catchiest, to Nirvana at their dirtiest. Hooks, drive, and emotion bleed from every tune.”

“[Rumoura] recalls the work of early 90′s rock acts from the grunge era, starting with the fine opener, ['Til Your Heart Stops Beating] and ending on a high note with Monkey in the Middle. Which is not to say that the EP has any true clunkers, but the opener and closer are definitely the stand-out tracks.”

Dan Sweeney - Salty Eggs

“The EP (Rumoura) ends with the track ‘Monkey In The Middle’ and this might just be my favourite track on the EP! I love the melody in the verse and the chord-progressions used in this track. It really rocks and it is very catchy. All in all this is a great EP for anyone who appreciates Rock Music and is into bands like Foo Fighters or Kings of Leon!”

Pure Pop Punk

“With their fearless montage of rock riffs and soul-drenched hooks, ANWTLF stand poised to carve out a fresh space in today’s musical landscape.”

“They have a knack for crafting smart tunes with catchy choruses that leave a lasting impression from the first time you hear them…their first EP, Avalanche [is] one of the best local discs that’s come into the New Times offices in a while”

jonathan cunningham - new times Magazine

“In 2008, the band released an EP titled Avalanche, which showcased Rogers’ knack for big, resonant guitars and thick, downbeat melodies.”

Jake Cline - City Link Magazine