Andy Ferrell / Press

“A gifted storyteller and old soul, Bucket Full of Nails is proud to premiere “Run Billy Run,” Ferrell’s live take on famed outlaw Billy the Kid. Stream the song below and purchase At Home and In Nashville via CD Baby.”

“At just 23 years old, Ferrell has fully embraced the beauty and talent that surrounds him right in the Blue Ridge Mountains where Appalachian music thrives. On his upcoming record, At Home and In Nashville, releasing in just two days, Ferrell compares the old-timey roots music of North Carolina and the crafted country of Nashville.”

“..this blues-influenced country/folk album sounds like the work of a seasoned, established, and self-assured artist. Featuring six studio tracks recorded with a crack band in a Nashville studio and another half dozen from a solo concert in the singer’s native North Carolina, the CD is a gem from start to finish”

“'My goal is to connect with people through music.' Andy told me 'If I can make them feel something from my songs that allows them to to see things in a new light or if relate to my music personally, I feel I've done my job well.'”

“The young man keeps the old ways alive, the old ways keep the young man alive. Looking up from his work he says, truly, finally, “I was born…” for this, for everything, for Doc — he is in tune. Can you hear the voice? Listen.”

“Andy Ferrell is one of the new blood of singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalists to emerge in the High Country over the last year or so. Ferrell is well-versed in the fiddle tunes that came out of this area, which he learned while growing up with a father who is an accomplished finger-pick guitarist. These days, however, he concentrates on being a composer of original music that is contemporary, while still being informed by the mountain tunes on which he was raised.”

“21-year old southern roots/Americana artist Andy Ferrell wouldn’t have told you he was going to be a musician 5 years ago…he couldn’t even strum a guitar at the time. On an incredible trip to New Zealand, the calling to make music struck a then 17-year old kid, and in only four years, Andy Ferrell is making the kind of music you, your father and your grandfather can both appreciate and enjoy.”

“Beginning with the debut EP ("I Was Born") from Andy Ferrell, you get the pure, stripped-down roots music that artists like Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen have all started from. Coming from the small town of Boone, NC, Ferrell felt very strong about his career choice, which had lead him to discover the work of folk music legend Doc Watson.”

“On the Road blends the sixties singer-songwriter genre with hints of classic country. Ferrell’s vocals are rich and road-wizened, while the arrangements similarly show a maturity that belies his age. Ferrell’s I Was Born EP shines based off the equal focus given to the vocal and instrumental side of things, while The Ring represents another track that feels destined for play on radio rotation. The track is built off of Ferrell’s narration and is further polished through a home-spun unity of guitar and strings. While the vocals drop, I feel that the string solo is as rich and as vibrant as Ferrell’s articulations.”

“A familiar friend. A comforting soul. A blank canvas. Spreading his smart choice of lyrics throughout wide musical landscapes, wholesome Andy Ferrell’s ‘I Was Born EP’ is a fine collection. The folksy-Americana offering are one treat after another.”

“I keep trying to tell myself that I WAS BORN is actually a debut release from an artist who has never been in a band before let alone never released a CD. ANDY FERRELL the 21 year old singer songwriter seems to have found his voice and his songwriting chops early and the evidence is in this six-song Americana set that boasts production style not too dissimilar from that of T-BONE BURNETT.”

“Americana singer/songwriter Andy Ferrell is an emerging artist from North Carolina. His debut “I Was Born” is a culmination of traditional roots, country and folk and owes a debt to Andy’s idol and musical mentor Doc Watson.”

“Although Mountain Song Festival was a month ago, Andy Ferrell is another local musician with a love for traditional folk style with a modern sound. This up and coming performer is sure to catch the attention of both folk and bluegrass lovers throughout western North Carolina. Ferrell is a singer, songwriter, and guitar picker born and raised in Boone, North Carolina. Ferrell received his inspiration from his father, who helped him learn how to play the guitar. “My dad showed me all of the music that I now love and am influenced by,” says Ferrell. Ferrell draws his inspiration from musical artists like Townes Van Zandt and Doc Watson, performers who are known for their flatpicking acoustic sounds with the accompaniment of fiddles, stand up basses, and the occasional harmonica.“I want to bring people the music that I create and love in order to not only bring them enjoyment and entertainment, but also give them a taste of where I come from and show them a part of our culture and he”