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“This EP “Open Spaces” by Seattle based Andrea Desmond (Spectra Records) is sure to be remembered as one of the classic female pop CD’s in recent memory. Its pure femme fatale magic the way it used to be, full of cautionary tales, passion and of course love’s mystery. In my own words she’s a singer/songwriter who draws on life’s experiences from both the interior and exterior vantage point. Her musical narrative and striking lyrics deliver sincere and genuine vocal performances. The EP is professional grade any way you look at it. The instrumentation and tones give you that genuine feel of good music and writing from a generation ago is still alive. Desmond has a strong visual and her voice sounds as if she is classically trained. She also plays piano. All members in her band are solid musically. Kudos goes out to the amazing songwriting. I always said you can sell what you don’t truly believe, Here Desmond captures Lighting in a bottle that will ring true”

“This is real and genuine Contemporary Pop Rock or Light Rock expressionism before everything started sound super sonic. All tracks are powerful, melodic and infectious, which doesn’t even begin to describe the inducing vocal presence of Desmond. On Open Spaces Desmond provides 5 intriguing musical stepping stones that gleefully showcase world class musicianship and passionate vocals with no illusions, or farces. In my mind she is a musical triple threat. She’s got a good look, she can play Piano, write music and she’s a great singer. Like I had mentioned its impressive how well Desmond has combined traditional Contemporary Pop with more modern alt-rock balladry. Her vocals at times shift from Classical to even soulful. This reminds me of Adele, Lily Allen, Jessie J. and Imagine Dragons. Desmond is a captivating composer and singer within her own right. Open Spaces EP by Andrea Desmond is one of the hottest pop-rock releases I’ve heard this year”

“If she just so happened to write all these songs well she could be bigger than any of us realize at the moment. Open Spaces from Andrea Desmond showcases a Top Flight Independent artist from the Seattle area. Let me go on record and say Andrea Desmond is one artist to watch in 2014. It's an impressive catalogue of music that's easy to groove to, highly marketable, uplifting and extremely entertaining. Note for note, song for song there isn’t a weak piece on this entire 6 song EP catalogue. All pieces are short and sweet musical experiences, each one possessing its own signature groove and musical personality to call its own. The writing and singing abilities of Desmond are rock solid and the melodies and harmonies are well crafted and catchy. Last but not least the vocal presence from Desmond just makes the whole thing work by just being herself.”

Cyrus Rhodes - The Muse's Muse: Biz Talk

“After listening to “Open Spaces” by Andrea Desmond it’s evident to me Andrea's talents with her band are far beyond what I imagined or even expected. She has a powerful writing style and voice and look that many people will gravitate towards. She also captures that Seattle sound with the pop realm. Andrea Desmond proves she is a musical force to be reckoned with up that way. It’s nice to see an artist from Seattle move up amongst the musical ranks again. My hats off to Desmond for keeping it real in Seattle musically.”

“The EP as a whole provides a well choreographed musical experience with Desmond at the forefront. All tracks to me are thoughtful and a stellar performance-driven pop that are wonderfully powerful in nature. Open Spaces EP by Andrea Desmond is an incredibly fluid musical statement from beginning to end. It provides brilliant artistic vision from an amazing singer and subsequent musical visionary that’s deserving of far wider recognition than this review. Weather you like Celtic rock, pop, alternative rock sensibilities rest assured Andrea Desmond is making her presence known in an otherwise commercial myriad of soulless clutter. Perfect pacing, intriguing compositions and a stellar voice have her scoring big here with me! If this release slipped past you then take you may want take notice – linked below. 5/5 Stars”

“The more I listened to this CD the more it feels as if Desmond is one of those "under the radar" artists that has a lot of potential. Perhaps that's what Spectra records saw in her because shes not under the radar anymore. Open Spaces by Andrea Desmond gets a big thumbs up from me. Desmond and company present a favorable blend of Celtic, Light Rock, Contemporary Singer/Songwriter via 5 classics sure to be enjoyed all. My top tracks are: "Block the Heart", "Dawn Breakers" and "Teal Water." When I buy a nice and pure musical CD with a rock foundation, I don't want marketability, flashiness or even rebellion. I want someone like Andrea Desmond to sing me a timeless melody - it's that simple and real  not overly synthetic built upon a house of card. Her voice and musical signature are to say the least magnificent and will do the job nicely. The potential all these 5 tracks provide is indeed palpable, and that low-key modesty of Desmond speaks for itself.”

“She also has a deal with Spectra records, a long list of awards and achievements, and from what I can tell, a very fond press and media reputation. She seems a likeable, genuine, and all around kindhearted person. Sometimes a good heart and a nice voice is all it takes to reach the next level. Her future is bright and full of potential.”

Markus Druery - Indie Shark Reviews

“Dear AAG dudes, Your show with Andrea Desmond was so thoughtful and fun that you sang Happy Birthday to her and I could hear how much it meant to her. I found her music to be fun and up lifting right from the start. The music it self was so well done as were the lyrics. Brovo, to a new talent that actually has TALENT. (851) WA, CA,UK,TX,FL Andrea, WOW! What else can I saw, you have the most fantastic voice I have ever heard. I hear a label coming your way soon. Keep up the good work and do not lose sight of your dream(s) or asparations.(943)WA,CA,TX,FL,NM Dear Rodney and AAG, It has always been interesting to us to hear the unsung talent you have had on your show over the years. We/I have heard so many talented people on the such such as Caroline Jones, Glitter Rose, Shay Astar among the few. And just when we/I thought you hit the top you presented us with Andrea Desmond. My, Gosh can this women belt out some tunes and her band is of the highest grade/quility. Unbelievable”

“In opening track, “Block the Heart,” Desmond sounds more like she’s revealing her heart, judging from the passion of her vocals. At any point, these vocals can embark on a grand poetic flight – then abruptly return back to earth for the next series of lyrics. “Reaching hands they / Try to grasp the gold they’ve found…They overstretch, and overeat / Then starve back to the ground.” Is Desmond singing about people who are flabby with material excess but spiritually emaciated? In track 2, “Teal Water,” Desmond sings about how she, “Can’t wait to fly away.” Well, Ms. Desmond, you were flying quite high on the previous song! “I’m dreaming of teal, teal water….I’m dreaming of orange cliffs.” Is Desmond referring to some majestic natural setting found in her native Pacific Northwest? “And I’m okay with a little less…I’m willing to move on.” Is she announcing her desire to exchange material happiness for something more enduring and spiritual”

“The EP opens with the upbeat pop track "Block the Heart" which clearly draws the listener into her spell. Followed by "Teal Water," a countrified track accompanied by guitar continues to illustrate Andrea's vocal chops and superb range. Andrea's voice glistens in the superb track, "Painting," a more lightly arranged ballad, that to this listener also appears to have country roots. We especially liked the buildup to the crescendo in the song's midsection and Andrea's crystalline vocalise. The EP concludes with the standout ballad "Run." It builds from a gentle piano-backed introduction to a more richly arranged electric-guitar backed rock number. The track will clearly make you tingle all over. Andrea Desmond's angelic voice and incredible songwriting will entice you and make you long for more. Four tracks are just not enough. We can't wait for a full length CD from this outstanding talent.”

“Featured on this week's episode of SMI Radio are two extremely talented pianist and singer/songwriters, Zarni De Wet and Andrea Desmond. Both of these lovely ladies relocated to the Northwest within the last year and are both making a splash with solid vocal and piano chops coupled with catchy songs. Serendipity came into play with these two artists. When I met Andrea, I didn't realize she was in the process of booking a February gig with Zarni. Zarni had emailed me a few days prior to let me know she also played with Campfire OK, who I would see a few days later at an upcoming Seattle Living Room/Melodic Caring Show. It was no accident that this all came together in a neat little package, so it only made sense to have both artists on the same episode of SMI Radio.”

“[Hello Andrea And Thank You So Much For This Interview. First Off, How Do The Songs Come About Considering The Songwriting Process And What Inspires You?] The songwriting process is always very unique in each circumstance. Generally, I start playing piano and then a creative surge comes over in which chords develop and I write lyrics later. And other times, I start writing down words, then form them into lyrics, create a melody, and finally write chords underneath. I'd say what inspires me is the bigger picture of truths that I find within the universe, that get triggered by my everyday life. I never know when I'll get inspired and usually whatever I had to do that day gets put off because I get in the zone. [Any Songs You Have Written That Hold An Extra Place In Your Heart? And If So, Why?] The song "Run" holds an extra place in my heart. I wrote it when I decided to move on from being in a cover band.”

“Another of the outstanding artists who competed in the Seattle Jammin' Challenge: Andrea Desmond! Her career is already off to a fast start, and we expect to see a lot more of this amazing young artist.”

“December 2, 2012—It was a cold, rainy evening in Hollywood, but inside the historic Whisky A Go-Go, it was nothing but clear skies and amazing live music for the Artist In Music Awards Nomination Event. Inclement weather wasn’t going to stop a successful Nomination, Red Carpet and Press Event—a pre-show for the 2nd Annual Artists In Music Awards coming up February 7, 2013. Over 20 photographers and members of the media covered the event and the Red Carpet which was held inside—on the second floor—the historic Sunset Strip venue. Nic Creznic hosted an incredible show, announcing all of the 130 Final Nominees in 26 categories. In addition there were 8 amazing performances by Abi Ann, Cheating Daylight, Deedub, Glitter Rose, Soren Bryce—the 2012 Artists In Music Award Best Alternative Artist winner, In Air, Andrea Desmond, and Melanie Taylor. LIST OF FINAL NOMINEES in all 26 categories: Best Adult Contemporary Artist · Tom Slack · Janice Waley · Andrea Desmon”

“Hollywood, CA), December 2, 2012—The Artists In Music Awards (AIMA) offered an exciting line-up of live performances during its red carpet nomination show at the historic Whisky A Go-Go on Sunset. The highly attended December 2nd event, produced by Mikey Jayy, was hosted by Hollywood personality Nic Creznic and benefited the PAIN Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing awareness against domestic violence and child abuse. Indeed, a number of highly acclaimed independent musicians are nominated for the AIMA this year. The LA Music Awards winner Willie Ames, hot off a trip from Australia and a U.S. tour, is up for Best Folk/Acoustic Artist. Others who gave live performances aside from Melanie Taylor and Abi Ann were Glitter Rose, In Air, Deedub, Cheating Daylight, Andrea Desmond, and Soren Bryce. All of the performers were also nominated. AIMA has climbed into the top music awards organizations, competing alongside the Grammys, American Music Awards, Los Angeles M”

“After years of playing in others people’s bands, playing other people’s music, Andrea Desmond took the bold and courageous leap that all who aspire to follow their heart must do. She launched her solo career as a singer/songwriter with the release of “Run,” amassing much critical acclaim, not the least of which was winning Eco Arts Awards: Special Feature Competition: Songs of Freedom, this past Saturday, Sept. 22nd. Andrea Desmond threw off her self imposed shackles of security, and dared to dream big. Its one thing to have another impose slavery upon you, but when we enslave ourselves with limiting beliefs the world loses just the same. You can hear Andrea on KGUP 106.5FM in Los Angeles, CA, Butterflies Indie Radio, Jango Airplay, Outbound Music- Mix Radio, and Seattle Wave Radio. After watching her video: Run - let us know what you think Andrea’s chances are for a stellar solo career? Andrea’s highest aspiration is to “uplift people, by in”

“Andrea Desmond opened the show, performing on vocals and keyboard. Her shy smile and self-effacing demeanor belied her marvelous musicianship. She played and sang with passion and skill, combining syllables and keystrokes effortlessly. She played a song she'd finished writing the same day. "Gotta be a little spontaneous," Desmond said.”

Mike Kieran - Synthesis Magazine

"Recorded south of the windy city in Chicago Heights, Beautiful Is Funny Too is the first offering from Chico’s premier all female folk-rock-and stroll hybrid quartet That’s What She Said. It’s a great record for an introspective walk on the beach, a candle lit romantic dinner with a loved one and even a rainy day while you clean up the house or play jenga with your pals. The girls will become your best friends after just one listen and you will want to revisit the tunes over and over again to remind yourself that everything is going to be all right just so long as That’s What She Said is on the box. And hey, I went through the whole review without making a sex joke. Points for me!"

“Andrea Desmond learned to adapt. Shifting around America, the singer/ songwriter got used to making introductions. After arriving at Chico State from Boston, Desmond fused her jazz-tinged piano and vocals with a heavy funk backup band. Now her aspiring music career is taking a new direction: artist management with Wild Oak Music Group. Desmond, a junior music major, drew interest from the campus record label after her solo performances at the Songwriters Guild Competition and spring Songwriter Showcase, said Wild Oak artist manager Sharon Ramirez. "Her name kept popping up," Ramirez said. "She has a good sound that is intriguing for a lot of people." After Desmond got on the radar, Wild Oak representatives watched her Oct. 4 performance at Cafe Coda. Seeing a band live is important because it demonstrates its level of confidence, Olofsson said.”

“I have recently made it part of my routine to check out the free shows that Normal St. offers of Monday nights. About a week after meeting Zuri I had the pleasure of catching a set from the aforementioned, That's What She Said. First impression: Isn't that Andrea Desmond on keyboards? I think she came to my election night party back in '08. Once I had a chance to look around and realize that these ladies were swapping vocal duties and pulling off a solid line-up of hook-heaving harmony rock songs, I realized that this is probably something I could get into... Andrea Desmond already has a little bit of Chico cred because of her previous efforts as a rock pianist who wrote her own songs and performed at most of the local spots with her band.”

Cameron Ford - Synthesis Magazine

“Close your eyes and picture a cover band. You got it? Okay, now take off about 50 years and as many pounds. Add bucket loads of energy. Maybe a couple sexy black dresses for good measure. Now picture this band playing to a crowd that is not only listening, but dancing until they're drenched in sweat. The cliche background music is nowhere to be found. Instead, this cover band functions more like a group of DJs with live instruments. They're on stage, smiling through blinding lights, wailing out hit after hit after hit, and they're loving it. And so is the crowd. And so are you. Welcome to a Decades show. Comprised of Carmen Bush (vocals), William Watje (guitar, vocals), Andrea Desmond (keys, vocals), Tobias Brooks (bass, vocals) and Billy DiBono (drums), Decades transcends the commonalities of most cover bands. They don't focus on any artist or time period. They don't desperately try to ape the sound of the artists they cover. And most importantly, they're not depressing to watch.”

Sleazus Christ - Synthesis Magazine

“That’s What She Said (soon to be called Victoria) is a tantalizing foursome blending the very best of rock n’ roll with elements of pop and alternative. The result is a powerful yet smooth and stylish sound that will tickle the fancy of a wide variety of music fans, making it simply impossible not to break out into random fits of dancing, and squeals of delight! Catch a show and be awed by the individual talent of each player but wowed by the electric chemistry they collectively foster on stage, besides, you're guaranteed to be more than satisfied every time, That’s What She Said (haha, couldn’t resist) and neither should you!!!”

Dan Levine - DAXLE Promotions

“Desmond was the first to perform, and she warmed up the crowd as patrons filed into the cafe. Desmond is also a talented keyboard player, and the harmonic notes complimented her voice and personal lyrics. Desmond's vocals were loud and strong, and they filled up the crowded room through all the background noise. Despite the cramped venue, it would be a task to find someone who didn't view the concert as a success.”

Matt White - The Orion Newspaper