Andrea Dawn / Press

"Dawn is no timid, sheltered character within her own songs. Singing as though she’s the last defense against the encroaching darkness, Dawn places herself and her piano between us and whatever is slowly circling in the shadows."

"Andrea brims with bright whimsy beneath her bittersweet reflections."

“A classy debut...think an equally feminine Rufus and you're getting there”

“Andrea is life’s sponge; She absorbs the truth in every small interaction and uses it to communicate with the world.”

“The record is a lush production of sweeping tales and it's also a pretty impressive introduction”

“Powerful, passionate, and poetic...this is the beautiful work of a profoundly mature young artist, and one that you cannot afford to miss.”

“Her voice shines with darkness largely unknown in the pop sphere, and the instrumentation sounds like a much more sophisticated Lana Del Rey”

“Her cultured and often times emotive songwriting slant is nothing short of enchanting”

“Andrea seems less concerned with anyone’s preconceived notions and more concerned with singing until her voice cracks and the darkness seeps away into the dawn....this is anthemic stuff - the sound of an orchestral catharsis.”

“I just got to listen to "Theories of How We Can Be Friends" yesterday, and it's fantastic. Go buy it. Do it!”

"The album is extraordinary, a triumphant and uncompromising coming out party for an uncommonly good singer and songwriter."

“One of the best albums I’ve heard this year. It does what only the best music does – it draws you in, and grows deeper and more meaningful each time you hear it”

“Utterly enjoyable”

“The whole band is really fantastic on this album and they definitely do not disappoint live!”

“A star in the making”

“Andrea's voice is beyond amazing. Think Fiona Apple meets Carol King.”

"Much better than your typical, Wrigleyville/overpriced coffeehouse fare...deserves a wider audience."

"Dawn recalls versatile vocalists Fiona Apple, Karin Bergquist, and Jewel, shaping her stylings somewhere between folk, jazz and alluring indie pop."

"A radio-ready and surprisingly soulful sound."

"Dawn delivers vocals with a rare authenticity that seep subtly into your soul."