Andrea Carlson Music / Press

“ Andrea Carlson delivers her beautiful tunes with her warm and coy voice. Carlsons' words cater for the counterpoint: witty, funny and full of life. A delight to the ear in which they touch down. ”

“Carlson's album Drivin' Myself Wild for You is a quirky homage to songs about love gone right and love gone wrong. Songs like "Love Police" have a playful vibe like Louis Prima, but despite the light-heartedness, Carlson's talent on guitar always shines through. Her sound and persona is perfect for the time period she evokes on stage.”

“Andrea Carlson's voice is sweet and stylistic; you can't help but think of scenes where jazz singers perform at supper clubs in black and white Hollywood movies. Her lyrics are quick and witty in the vein of Cole Porter, but her classically trained guitar skills channel Django Reinhardt.”

“'Andrea Carlson once told me that the first time she heard jazz, she was in love. Well, the first time I heard Andrea Carlson, I was in love. I don’t think anyone has ever hooked me with their music as quickly as Andrea did with hers. If you like music and songs that can whisk you away from all of your problems, away from your very era; songs that soothe and entertain; songs that tell a story, break your heart, then return you safely to the 21st century with your toe tapping and your fingers drumming on the table… Well, let’s just say, you’ll love Andrea Carlson too.' ”