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“a review of Anastasia's concert at the Iron Mountain church last night! I had heard stories about Anastasia Lee's show last year, things revolving around the little girl with the big voice. She was described as this tiny thing, a teenager that apparently sang like a 40 year old. Well when I heard she was coming back this year I made it a priority to attend. She opened with "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" and in my opinion it was the greatest rendition of that song I have ever heard. Another song that stuck out for me was "Nessun dorma", you know - the big song generally performed by even bigger tenors (think Pavarotti). She performed it in Pavarotti's key as well, an even more astonishing feat, as prior to Anastasia's performance I have only heard females perform it in lower keys such as Katherine Jenkins. The song requires lung power, strength, endurance, and a range like no other - Anastasia made "Nessun dorma" her own. She closed out her concert with a beautiful rendition of "Welcome”

Cynthia Knowles - Best Singers Born after 1994

“'When I listen to Anastasia I can only say that her voice is breathtaking. A one of a kind. Her originality in her song choices is what takes Anya to a new level of expertise. What an amazing beginning "Singing with her hero Josh Groban" It was the beginning of what we know and love in Anya. Congratulations Anya. I am so very proud of you and I will continue to support and promote your incredible talent. Bravo <3 <3'”

“Stephen Mitchell ~ "What a wonderful voice! She is easily the equal of Jackie Evancho, and as charitable as Taylor Swift."”

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“Although she is young, I find her extremely professional. I was at her concert at Festa Italiana in Michigan, and she stayed after the concert for HOURS. Professionals that are paid millions of dollars don't even do that. She was even playing with the kids who came to her performance afterward, ball gown and all. Such professionalism from this girl. Whoever signs this girl is one lucky dog, she was so easy to talk to, and she knew a good amount about most everything. We had a 'heated' conversation on who makes the best Italian cannolli's. (I was actually working one of the food stands at the time. You can tell she is classy, but she is extremely down-to-earth at the same time. It is almost too easy to feel comfortable around her. She is extremely easy to work with and she jokes around on stage like a pro. You got my vote.”

“Anastasia ~ my hobby as a casual artist has brought me to a total 61 countries and 43 states,which is a way of saying I travel for my work and through all I have seen and heard your voice has a captivating quality of course a virtuoso you and Sarah Brightman have something in common,"performance second to none"...”

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“Hello Anastasia. The moment I listened to your magnificent rendition of "Una Ora Senza Te," I was convinced that this is very unique talent. I actually cried listening to your performance. There's not a lot I can add that you don't already know about the potential of your gift to move the world. I know you will persevere and excel in your career. My intuition is usually correct. My mother was an amateur opera singer, back in her heyday, in Italy. She is 90 years old now and your vocal talent instantly caught her attention. We both send you our best wishes to achieve your dreams. Your family must be immensely proud. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. You can be certain I will be passing this on to many of my musical friends. La ringrazio tanto, Perry Andrew Prudhomme, D.C.”

“'Anastasia ! Spectacular, Your going to get high fives all night. I hope that You know that. that was Fantastic for You. I was more nervous than you were.. Awesome. I guess I'll do a solo now. Sorry folks it's just me now. That was very Phantom of the Opera. I felt like Sing to Me, My Angel of Music ! Your My Christine this evening.. Excellent Thanks a lot.”

Josh Groban ~ entertainer - Josh Groban &#39;Straight To You&#39; Concert

““ You are the winner of every prize, every accolade. Yours is a rare voice, sensitive, strong and special. You are Jackie Evancho, older in years, but with a timbre and majesty of voice of an older woman. Fabulous beyond words. “”

Carol Forsloff - Fandalism &amp; Edt Green Mountain News

““Anastasia! Hello to you! I just want you to know I believe you are one of the most magnificent talents with one of the richest voices I have heard. Oh, what I would have given to have been blessed with Your Instrument! And only 16 years old. Good heavens...I cannot wait to see what you do and accomplish next and I know that your future is bright. Thank you for your friendship.” Kat ~~~~~~~~~ Kathy Westmoreland ~ Elvis Presley’s Legendary Soprano partner ”

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“Wow! I just heard Miss Jackie Evancho perform the national anthem on PBS. I just thought that was a highlight of this Independence Day celebration. That is, until I received your note and listened to your video. Your rendition of 'Ora Senza Te - You Don't Have to Say You Love Me' is exquisite. Absolutely blew me away. Not only have I subscribed to your YouTube channel, but with your permission, will share your music on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ tonight. Your skills are amazing.”

Robert Johnson ~ Mayor of Richwood, West Virginia - You Tube Blog

“Once Groban headed her direction to escort her to the stage, it all became a 'blur' for the precious little middle school girl from Ashwaubenon/Green Bay WI, who made fans gasp when she broke into "To Where You Are'' with a voice that defied/tripled her age. 'It was an absolutely stunning REAL "Jackie Evancho-esque moment" if not better, from a little girl in the crowd.' He allowed her to open the song by herself to an arena that gasped at the beauty of her operatic voice. The crowd was quick to its feet with a standing ovation before the little girl could even finish. She got a standing ovation from the crowd and a high-five from Groban, who said, "That was awesome. ... Man, I was more nervous than you.'' ”

Kendra Meinert - Green Bay Press Gazette - Josh Groban &amp; Anastasia Lee - Surprise Duet

““ You are a great talent of the ages, singing in a number of languages, with a voice that is superior and rare. What a joy to have the privilege of hearing you here! “”

Carol Forsloff - Fandalism

“10! Ten! (Ten!) Your voice makes me cry. This must be a masterpiece. I embed it in Timeless. I need to cry, the eye specialist has ordered so. That's why I'm in North America. Please check it out in my channel. You are welcome to sub. Your suggestions are welcome, too. I have the haunch you will be the world's number one soprano. But don't get fat like Caballe. You can sing best as you do now, comrade.”

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"It is an honor to have such a brilliant voice as Anastasia here at stars2come. She sings with such grace and passion that she takes your breath away. Anastasia brings great beauty to the songs she sings, but her beauty with-in is just as great. Her biggest desire is to bring happiness to others through her music, and to give hope to many people through her great love of charity." "Anastasia is simply and outstanding performer, no matter if it is Opera or Broadway hits she is a delight to listen to. Anastasia not only brings more great music to all, but she adds beauty to the world around her. They joy she gives to the people watching her performances is priceless, and this is what all great artists strive for, the joy it brings to others. Beauty and joy is, Anastasia!"

“Amazing... you would be the perfect reconciliation between the USA and Russia!”

Geztour - Twitter

“Rough Translation of the Last Item: Anastasia Lee She sings arias of great destinies And when her voice flies off beyond all frontiers It warms my heart, and for for many years She will seduce people on many matinees Maybe her name with noble flavour Brings seductive echoes to her talent When deep in her eyes one can see tenderness When the Opera House listens and the lights are twinkling Anastasia you are the new Callas And just like her you enchant us Her career is over but you took her place And it's a privilege to hear you sing The Prince of Monte Cristo”

Gerard Tourtois - Songwriter/Poet ~ London, England

“Anastasia Lee 'Elle chante les arias des grandes destinées Et quand sa voix s'envole au delà des frontières Elle réchauffe mon cœur et bien des matinées Elle séduira les hommes pour des années entières Peut être que son nom aux échos de noblesse Apport à son talent de séduisantes notes Quand au fond de ses yeux on peut lire la tendresse Quand l’Opéra écoute et les lumières clignotent Anastasia tu es la nouvelle Callas Et comme elle tu viens encore nous enchanter Sa carrière n'est plus mais tu as pris sa place Et c'est un privilège de t''entendre chanter' Le Prince de Monte Cristo ”

Gerard Tourtois - Message

"Anastasia Lee - The New Maria Callas..."

Geztour - Callas