American Hitmen / Press

“Mostly loud, raucous and at least a little dark, I’d say American Hitmen would be considered a somewhat modernized offspring of 1980s era metal/thrasher tunes. Not so much like the metal creations who have done away with melody and music altogether—the “roll” in “rock n’ roll,” if you will. This EP seems to pay homage to some of the original interpretations of the genre, aligning more with Alice Cooper and Def Leppard stylings. Personally, I prefer the roll in my rock n’ roll, so I do appreciate the fact that the vocals carry a tune and some of the songs lean on the light side. On top of that, when the lyrics and music do lean heavy, you can know that it’s coming from a very real place. These guys are US Marines, and they formed the band on the battlefield in Iraq during some of the bloodiest fighting to date, Operation Phantom Fury. Alive and inspired, they returned home safely and wasted no time in pursuing their dreams—a much preferred way of dealing with PTSD. R”

“Listening to American Hitmen is like jumping into a Hot Tub Time Machine. Instead of going all the way back to the ’80s, this time travel adventure sends you back to the early ’90s when rock bands still had all the flash and machismo of spandex-rocking ’80s metal bands, but were also starting to embrace a little bit of a dark, moody, creative side. The compositions here are tight and creative. You can tell everyone in this band has a strong mastery of his/her instrument. With bodacious vocal performances from singer Tim Cord, I really feel like these guys should petition Chad Kroeger from Nickleback and demand an opening slot on their tour, because everyone needs to experience the extreme awesomeness that these dudes exude. –Jon Robertson”

“How many bands can honestly say they formed in the armed forces playing nothing but acoustic instruments and ammo cans? OurStage Act American Hitmen is composed of 5 Marines who bonded during their combat time back in 2004. As is to be expected, the war had an immense affect on their lives and, in turn, their collective songwriting as they attempt to sonically portray a side of war not yet presented to the public. Through their blisteringly honest lyrics and militaristic demeanor, American Hitmen quickly taking the world of music by storm.”

“Years ago, when I was younger I heard Pearl Jams 10. I was impressed with the emotion they seemed to put into their music. Now I'm older, a veteran, and have been introduced to The American Hitmen. A band born in hard times, made of individuals who understand hard. The emotion these guys pack into each track is amazing, and blows away bands like Pearl Jam at their best. Lyrics and music come together in a delivery which is strong, real strong. Add in they support their brothers in arms still out there and returned and in my humble opinion is a absolute shame to NOT support this band. They rock, they support great causes, and they're REAL guys. Get this album. You will not regret it.”

“Anyone a big-time movie producer? Because I've got your next million-dollar film idea right here. This cinematic story starts in 2004 when a few Marines formed a band called American Hitmen while ducking shrapnel in war-torn Fallujah, Iraq. Yep, I can already hear the "I'd like to thank the Academy" speeches... ”

“The band does a lot of things well, but their heart is rock and roll. They have a natural blend that comes across in songs like “Sleeping Mind” and “Title Of Liberty,” which rocks…..and that’s putting it mildly.”