Amanda White / Press

“Solo singer Amanda White is a curious character- glancing at the photos on her website (the brilliantly monikered notjustanotherprettyvoice.com) of a fresh faced beauty that makes references to opera and has song titles suggesting gothic tendencies (‘Midnight Bride’) as well as an irreverent sense of humour (‘Monica’s Getting Her Tits Done’), you’d be forgiven for thinking that perhaps this artist is one of many influenced by the recent school of quirky ‘punk rock meets classical’ musicians headed up by the likes of Dresden Dolls, Emilie Autumn and Rasputina to name a few.... (continued in next post)”

“(continued from previous) ...A spin of this CD confirms Amanda’s music is a little more straightforward than that- singing with a voice that is as sweet as the sugar she chants about in opener ‘Midnight Bride’- there are touches of electronica, goth and rock in her music which overall can be described at No Doubt meets Jack of Jill! It might sound strange but Amanda’s beautiful, Kate Bush/Gwen Stefani-like pop vocals mash with light punky, goth-metal tunes to create an alternative sound that is both unusual in the current climate and most captivating. Her blend of alternative pop might just split listener’s opinions straight down the middle, but if Ms White’s live show proves to be as arresting as this record, I’ll be first in line for tickets.”

“PART 1: Once in a while we receive CDs by singers or singer/songwriters, who want us to listen to their album and write some words about it. Most of the time, it is quite remarkable how much talent there is, that we’ve never even heard about. Okay, not everything could be categorized as metal or maybe even rock. But you can hear the high quality of the product, which is always very interesting. Because we serve a broad audience on the internet, there are always people, who are interested in high quality artists. “Toyshop” by AMANDA WHITE is such a CD. It contains ten tracks, worthy of a bit over forty minutes of high quality rock music. “Midnight Bride” is a nice opener, in which Amanda already points out in which direction this album will be heading. A mix of pop and rock, but again of quite a high quality... (continued in next post)”

“PART 2: ...In title track “Toyshop”, I hear a guitar cry and Amanda’s voice shows a little similarity to TORI AMOS and KELLY CLARKSON. Okay, more songs like this and the album would definitely be rated far above average in my book. And she does this right away with a song, that got the funny title “Monica’s Getting Her Tits Done”. A ‘tongue in cheek’ title for this very nice up tempo rock song. “Vision” on the other hand has got some nightclub jazz influences and takes back some speed here and there. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as it’s done with style, which is definitely the case here. While “Kay” put some balls back into the album and contains another guitar solo. Listening to the voice of Amanda in this particular song, her varied music style could come in handy for a leading vocal part in a musical... (continued...)”

“PART 3 ...And by looking carefully at her biography, it tells me that she already has a link with theatres and musicals, which can be heard very well on these songs. “The Sky Is Close” sounds very light and is easy on the ears and so does “The Reason”. “A Carol” contains a bit more power and in the background I hear some nice rocking riffs. One of the highlights on the CD for me for that matter. “Snowshadow” is a short ballad type of song, which leads us to the last song already, called “Pull Me Up”. AMANDA WHITE is certainly a name to remember. She brings you an album full of catchy pop rock tunes, that may appeal to a lot of readers out there. You can find more information about her at: http://www.notjustanotherprettyvoice.com. And of course we thank Amanda for sending her CD!”