Alvará / Press

"um tema bastante a propósito de algumas coisas que se dizem e desdizem.."

“...a influência do acústico e de processos simples...”

“we find music to be a common ground, working as a tool for social/political intervention. We wanted it to be made by people for the people, where being human is the primary condition for moving things forward. For instance, one of the songs is about prejudice and labels that we attribute to one another; Sr.Desdiz (Mr. Recant - something like that) speaks of human hipocrisy, of those who say one thing today and another tomorrow; "Em partes Iguais" (In Equal Share) talks about buying and seeling, consumerism and waste, ... In sum, the state of our human condition allied to the shipwreck our country (if not all) became, need a voice and a response and with music we were able to express our discontempt. Furthermore, we managed to do so while still having fun!”