Alterflesh / Press

“They kicked off the evening with “Megahub,” giving guitarists Andrew Lewthwaite, and Benji Schelin a good chance to show off the wonderful tones they can get. That was followed up by “Embers,” and the all too catchy “So Much More”. Just accept it now, you will be singing along and humming it later. It’s inevitable. What do they sound like, you may ask? Well it’s quite unique actually. I would say they have influences from CHEVELLE, and THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, but they manage to make it something all their own. It’s definitely a different sound... So make sure you check them out! Next up we were treated to one of my favorites, “Watch Rome Burn”, “Innocent”, and the title track from their album, “Into the Sun”. Also a very good song, and so entertaining live! “The Charade”, and “Wicked World” led us up to their closing number “New Horizon”. I must say, good solid closer, a lot of energy and a good showcase of bassist Paul Kubajak and Drummer”

"I’ve seen a decent amount of Alterflesh shows within the last 20+ months (around when I first heard of them), and I must, this was the best. The overall performance was the most raw one I’ve seen these guys put on. It was quite primal, yet orchestrated very well and with a certain slick appeal thrown in. They were all very coordinated as well, resulting in a chemistry that’s highly enjoyable to watch."

"This was the first time I had seen them since their album release show (which boasted some retooled/improved takes on their songs), and actually being familiar with the versions now made me enjoy the show all the more. There’s an even more polished edge about them, which has been good for their show, too."

““Into the Sun” was another new one, and despite the title, there some darker musical elements to it at times, adding some depth to it. They then capped off their 35-minute long set (Aug 2, 2013) with what is arguably the most inspirational song they have, “New Horizon”, which spreads a message of making the most of every day, and it was a fitting song to end with. “Stay positive and cultivate your dreams.” said Dayvoh, uttering his signature phrase.”

““…This next song’s a social rant…” Dayvoh stated (Aug 2, 2013), speaking of my favorite song of theirs, “Watch Rome Burn”. Paul got downright wild on that song, bouncing all over the stage, from his post on stage left, over to where Ben stood and back again, all the while fiercely plucking and slapping the strings of his bass. It was brilliant.”

“The heavier percussion tune was a good lead in to their next song (Aug 2, 2013), a new one that had only been played live once before. It was titled “Believe It”, and it was the first of a few songs this night that saw Dayvoh sitting his guitar down to instead focus exclusively on being a front man. He’s quite a front man at that, and is extremely energetic, moving about, actively engaging the crowd, while also getting very into the song itself. At the end of he walked up on to the drum riser, and in perfect timing with a loud beat supplied by drummer Kevin Mills, Dayvoh leapt from the riser, back to the forefront of the stage. As for the song itself, I really liked it. It was much heavier and thicker than their other songs, in a hard rock way, showcasing another layer to their already completely unique sound.”

““Megahub” kicked off their 35-minute long show (Aug 2, 2013), and they instantly sprang to life, evidently not needing much of a warm-up period. Paul Kubajak was jumping about while slapping the strings of his bass, while Ben Schelin slashed away at his guitar. Dayvoh was tearing things up, too, at least when he wasn’t rapidly spitting out the lyrics in a style that is most comparable to spoken word poetry. That’s definitely the most standout quality Alterflesh has, setting them apart from any other band, and as they wrapped up that song Dayvoh segued them into the next one, throwing a bit of humor in to the show. “Sometimes if you make mushroom tea, strange things happen. This song’s called So Much More.” he said, getting a laugh from their large audience.”

“Alterflesh doesn’t just put on a show (Aug 2, 2013), they create an ambiance, and when the curtain opened on them the stage was adorned with a few paintings of varying sizes, a nightstand with a lamp and some books, as well as some candles scattered about, plus a statue of Buddha, adding to the spiritual effect of their shows. Singer and rhythm guitarist Dayvoh greeted everyone with one of his messages, and while I don’t recall word-for-word what he said, I believe he mentioned the vastness of the universe, “…It’s so strange we are even here at all…” he said, then officially welcomed everyone to the show with, “Step through the portal my brothers and sisters.””

“Dayvoh referred to everyone as his brothers and sisters as he welcomed everyone to the show (Apr 20, 2013), then said it was time to “…step through the portal…” It was a much more interesting intro than the typical things bands say, and it was very accurate, too, as “Megahub” did seem to open the doorway to another realm. See, the band doesn’t play simple songs, they play music that has a message, and that song deals with various philosophers throughout history, with Dayvoh spitting out the names of dozens of them. Actually, that’s another thing that makes the band so unique. See, Dayvoh is more of a spoken word artist and he brings that skill to the band, performing the songs more in that style rather than singing. “…A stumbling lost humanity. Most will go their entire lives without even understanding it…” he said on the songs bridge, which was just one of many lines in that song that can stimulate the mind.”

“As for the music, they are a Rock band, and even harder Rock at times, which makes what Dayvoh does even more interesting. Like I said, it’s not full on singing that he does, and if you’re not paying full attention you may say he’s rapping... Rather, it is spoken word. And because he “sings” in that style, it allows him to get away with some things... The way he fires the words off... you’re more fixated on the words. And that is what really makes Alterflesh stand apart from most other bands; the lyrics. Overall they have a positive, uplifting message to them, often about changing things for the better. Really, that makes their show (Apr 20, 2013) a spiritual experience in a way, and one I can’t wait to witness again. ”

“In my opinion, they (Alterflesh) were the band to beat this night (Apr 20, 2013). Their performance was much more vigorous than I was expecting, with Paul constantly jumping up and down, which was quite a sight to watch. While more contained, Ben was a great guitarist, and Kevin just killed it on the drums, and Dayvoh was a captivating frontman. Together, they were able to hold the crowd’s attention with ease.”

“For Dayvoh... his Alterflesh role is not your typical rock frontman. “I can push it a little bit more and skirt the boundaries of singing without calling myself a straight singer,” he says. “I am not singing and I am not doing spoken word. I am doing something in the middle.” Yet there’s certainly nothing halfhearted about Alterflesh. This is a band unafraid to deliver strong, intelligent messages within the context of a driving alt-rock sound that’s as robust as it is uncluttered.”

“You guys are great and I still cannot believe it was only your second outing. You all are a great bunch of people and it was not only my pleasure to jam with you guys (Mar 15, 2013) but very nice to meet you.”

“Alterflesh with Dayvoh and Kevin Mills is killing it tonight at Tomcats West (Mar 15, 2013), great job guys, you have a future in the local music scene! I'm so proud to see my younger brother in a project that really rocks!”