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“AllOne is an extremely different underground Hip Hop artist who recently dropped his album titled “I’ve Been Thinking“. This 12 track project offers all of us a different original sound. His style, delivery and vocabulary is very unorthodox/experimental, with heavy poetry roots which fits right into what we call “Real Underground Hip Hop”. He is not following any sound trend or popular gimmick. he’s sticking to his lane, setting a great example for new Hip Hop. The beats on this album are all DOPE, from producers all around, from the UK to Long Island to California to Savannah. The back-story to this album is very interesting, very deep stuff! To the most authentic Hip Hop enthusiasts, this project should be added to your weekly playlist to really check out! I’m a fan for sure! Yeah, I can admit, his Hip Hop wont satisfy all Hip Hop fans, but we all know who those heads are! My favorite track on the album is Therapy Sessions, now this track right here is one of a ”

“["Zoom In (There's Life Here)"] is something we think is very special and fits the current Poetry of Place theme perfectly. While we don’t claim to be music experts, we love music as much as we love poetry, so when someone marries the two together it’s bound to capture our attention. And that’s exactly what happened with the following piece of genre-crossing art. We’ve been humming it since we heard it, so we hope you’ll listen to it”

“AllOne...in his travels, Bruce is just one of the kindest people and just an all around giving person with a hell of a talent. I really hope that he makes it in his career, because this is one of those guys...like Eyedea, where the guy is just SO GOOD and it's a shame the man is not selling platinum records.”

“By his promo photos alone, you'd be forgiven for thinking he was one of Mumford's prodigal sons. But don't judge the book by its cover: AllOne is an MC absolutely in love with words, but he doesn't let his fascination lead him into meaningless wordplay. The production, inventive but not overbearing, is also on point.”

“...he creates an atmosphere of beats and vibes which steps well beyond unimaginative loops and mundane lyrics of today’s Hip-Hop...AllOne’s certainly not your average rapper with cliché beats and forced self esteem. Actually, his clever and focused wordplay reminds me of Atmosphere’s Slug... If you’re fan of of experimental, alternative and positive hip-hop, you probably have already felt upon the quality work of NY MC AllOne...”

“Bruce's sincerity and dedication to the meta-concepts of art is inspiring, and will hopefully be there to inspire people for years to come.”

“Ultimately a conscious-emcee, AllOne utilizes his knack for writing complex, compounded rhymes to discuss his viewpoints. AllOne is able to put a bunch of words in one sentence and keep words rhyming within bars in a nearly flawless manner. His approach to rhyming is realistic; there are no stretching of words or facade’s put up to bar himself off from his real self. Just by hearing how he rhymes and the words he speaks, one can tell that AllOne is as authentic as they get.”

“Upon meeting Bruce you would not suspect that such a sweet, clean guy, with such an excellent mustache, would double as a talented rap artist. His words are thoughtful and brilliant, sending messages that open the mind and the heart. He sheds his inner darkness and makes it outwardly beautiful. Whether a capella or accompanied by a backing track, he always has command of the entire room.”

“Immediately after sitting down with him he had quite possibly the best energy I have ever seen not only in an artist but in anyone that I have met lately... Awesome guy that is very aware of who he is not only as a person but as an artist.”

“Your pronunciation and conviction behind your words is always on point. Your personality is very present and comes across as genuine. This is no exception to the standard. The level of word play and complexity of your diction and (literary) references hold immense potential interest for intellectuals and listeners willing to actively devote their ears and brain to absorb and decode all of your message.”

“Peep the album, "The Inevitable Effort". Give it a listen or two, and try to keep up. I cosign 100%. Album is dope as fuck... Really like the vibe. Tracks 4-6 are prob my favorite, but the whole album is fresh.”

“Damn AllOne can rap his ass off. I was listening to (An EPiphany) and it took me off guard how good it was. I expected dopeness but the lyricism AND (very important) the musicality of the shit was on some next.”

“The poetry is strong and sophisticated (sort of rap for thinking people)...I plan to share some of the tracks in my classes. I found them to be enlightening and thought provoking. I learned something as I listened.”

“And all this time I thought I could remember a vast number of rhymes... Ladies and gentlemen what we have here is something truly impressive. All One (AKA Bruce), the rap-tacular front man of All One & The Room, was heard last night at [Funk N Waffles]...busting lyrical tomes and gratuitous verbal shredded chedder....All One switched up the night in true style. Showmanship, talent, the force? Methinks a Jedi is among the ranks... Check it out and give him your dollars!”

"Passion. It’s why we love bands like AllOne & The Room. They’re dripping with it. From their foreheads to their souls, these guys do music for the best of reasons – it makes them happy (and of course it pleases a lot of other people as well). (AllOne & The Room) come from a creative enough hometown, but they’re expanding on their creativity with wordplay, poetry and music in ways we haven’t seen before."

“You have to hear [AllOne's] work, he is an engaging storyteller and his work offers a positive outlook on some of the most difficult aspects of our society.”

"The content of his songs is highly engaging and forces audiences to think and react... Within each of his songs are real emotions derived from real experiences that listeners can relate to."

3+ Years Cool Beanz Cafe Open Mic Host - Andrew Bilello