All Natural Ingredients / Press

“All Natural Ingredients at Paradise Store 5/25/13 All Natural Ingredients was the second band of the day at the Paradise Store off the 154 in Santa Barbara. They’re a group of four men, Michael Morse (vocals and guitar), Reed Burnham (bass), Sam Frankeberger (drums), and Steve Stewart (guitar). Morse surprised us with his vocals, reminding us of somewhat of a Morrissey (The Smiths) influence that was an easy sound to enjoy. The bassist Burnham brought a lot of rich sound to their overall performance that sounded a bit like Les Claypool from Primus. This band was enthusiastic and fun to watch. Throughout the performance they gave off a very fun and easy going feel. At one point in the show Morse turned the captain's wheel that was on stage adding to the overall playfulness of their performance. Essentially the band played really well together, adding to the overall good vibe of the festival. -SB Music Watch”

“The band “All Natural Ingredients” rocked Soho on singer-songwriter Tuesday this past week. This band is a true Santa Barbara gem. They brought down the house while playing all original songs written by Mike Morse. Their style is very original with a unique sound faintly reminiscent of the Smiths, but with a distinctly alternative, progressive underpinning. I am sure that we will be seeing/hearing a lot more from them. ”