Alien Jane / Press

“When the women-led Tucson band Alien Jane blends alternative, grunge, punk and proto-metal in the ol' concrete mixer, the back-to-basics rock sound it produces is aggressive but catchy. It's a work-boot kick in the ass, but with a refreshing female sensibility, thanks to the leadership of lead singer Michelle Urban and guitarist-vocalist Cristina Manos. The 3 1/2-year-old Alien Jane was an all-gals act until about six months ago, when guitarist John Gonzales, bassist Ken Dietz and drummer Dave Barger joined the group, and that's the lineup on this nine-song debut CD. Hard rock without pretension is the name of the game... The lyrics, written by Manos and Urban, move from a sense of holistic self to a healthy sexuality to a pissed-off assertiveness. (To read full article click on link below) Alien Jane aren't out to change the world; they just want to rock their corner of it. ”