Alex Vans & the Hide Away / Press

"Parts reminded me of The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s early stuff, with a better, slicker pop surface. Highly recommended and a great new LP for 2013."

"Alex Vans, a D.C. troubadour, has released a truly great album. DJ Booth is full of likeable songs. Whether it’s the rock ‘n’ roll guitar or the fluttering synthesizer, his music catches your attention."

“Alex Vans’ accomplishments on DJ Booth are very real: combining innovative arrangements with penetrating lyrics to create a collection of songs that transcends any one musical style or time period.”

“Eschewing flash for substance, Vans employs spare but impeccable guitar strumming and mature-beyond his years vocal phrasing ... This is a promising singer-songwriter who easily evades the staid and predictable sounds that so many bring to the genre."”

“The tracks span effortlessly between bright pop songs, wrenching and raunchy blues anthems (with harmonicas blaring) and delicately lamenting ballads. The common thread amongst these songs is a bare, exposed arrangement of chords and words that lets your ears know that what they're hearing is utterly honest."”

"Vans’ self-titled debut brings a raw groove and bluesy vocals to bare, a coup d’hendrix, if you will....Its a well rounded offering of catchy licks and lyrics, backed by inspiring guitar playing, clearly well educated and orchestrated. There is plenty of solid listening enjoyment to exact here, and I’d suggest it to just about anyone."