Alex Arellano Malca / Press

“Alex Arellano - Pummels The Prog - As the name suggests, Alex Arellano’s band, Fractured Dimension, is a perilous black hole of virtuosic musicianship – call it a prog-gasm. But it’s largely Arellano – rocking a gargantuan double bass Spaun kit that Mike Portnoy would approve of – who gives this power trio its note-y rhythmic stylings. The Squid was particularly impressed with Arellano’s central rhythmic conceit of bass drum/tom—derived sextuplets, or consecutive triplets if you like, that function as kind of a quasi-fill-fueled beat. Also noteworthy are the two hi-hats he works in counterpoint with each other, or to his main beat – and good luck pinning down what that is. New album Toward The Mysterium sees Arellano rolling up and down the kit almost like a keyboard player, punctuating his statements with an array of palate-cleansing splashes, never once veering from the click. Hey Alex, can we shake your hand?”