Alec Gross / Press

““Alec Gross is not here to make you feel better. But he is here to make you feel. His emotional but never melodramatic music weaves stories that are vivid and direct: he goes straight to the heart of an idea and never lets go.””

Beacon Pass

““From losing his heart to a girl wearing her mother’s necklace, to marrying a man in 1913 backed by a magi- cal realist-sounding jam that evoked Colin Melloy of The Decemberists, his brand of folk music achieved that rare trick of consoling without becoming too mushy.” ”

Bowery Boogie

““Armed with a killer album, and a live show that juxtaposes heavy, swamp-drenched laments with beautifully vulnerable acoustic admissions, all topped with soaring and effortless vocals that leave audiences convert- ed, Alec is poised to make some very big impressions in the coming year.””

Skope Magazine

“Americana/folk/country with catchy melodies, an earnest vocal delivery, interesting lyrics, and surprising outside-the-genre touches.””

Explore Music

““Alec Gross takes all those little thematic threads you love about alt-country music — the perpetual heart- ache, the equally perpetual whiskey, the occasional killin’ — and filters them through a distinctly cosmopoli- tan lens. Blessed with a gorgeously expressive voice that recalls Ryan Adams in his refined moments, the NYC-based songwriter presents a unique blend of urban cool and raw, country heart.””

Seven Days

““Softened Rhodes pianos and an intricate mix of alt-country and Stax-era soul categorize this beautiful record from the New York singer.””

Spinner/ AOL Music

"Blessed with a voice so perfectly suited to the times, Alec Gross has managed to capture the illusive folk/country sound so many other artists would sell their soul to find."

Joel Crane - NME, Q, Mojo