Alan Steward / Press

“I must admit I'm probably not the easiest person to please when it comes to music, but there is something different about this cat called Alan Steward and long may he continue creating great music.”

“I didn't know Alan Steward or his music until he appeared like a ninja onto the EMC scene and totally amazed my ears with his eclectic electronic fusion style which I can only say is not like anything I have heard before.”

“I have massive admiration for someone who has the discipline to craft tunes like Alan's with a palette the size of the whole world of music – how do you do that?”

“This music gets in your head the same way Bach's does but whereas you know what you are getting with the Brandenburg Concertos, for example, Alan's music veers off and forces you to explore something new at every turn, without go so far off the track as to be off-putting.”

“electro-dance world music”

“Neo World Downtempo Chillout Genius”

“When you see Alan Steward on stage, I want you to be blown away.”