Alacartoona / Press

“Themes of control are germane to this 9-year-old band known for taking its audiences on theatrical odysseys to other times and places through its music narratives and its fictitious characters.”

“The sound of Alacartoona jumps around the big music buffet: gypsy-folk and folk-rock and show-tune pop and lounge jazz and free-form jazz, all performed by a quartet that is so portable and organic it could stage itself on a street corner if it wanted.”

“...Alacartoona herself has gotten worked up for the rousing climax of 'Where'd You Get That / Ruby's Lament,' a theatrical suite that finds Ruby crumbling beneath the weight of junkie-ism and despair.”

“Alacartoona est une formation hétéroclite du Kansas [City], bizarroïde, bien éclatée. Un cabaret moderne qui se laisse aller à des compositions originales et pleines d'humour.”

“The Faustian theme has found many a place in the world of modern music, from Robert Johnson's trip to the crossroads to Randy Newman's musical "Faust." it's a theme worth exploring, especially in these hyper-marketing days: how much would you compromise your art for a taste of wealth and fame?”

“From the first few moments of 'Night Is the Mirror,' it is evident that the film is not your run-of-the-mill concert film... there's a dark undercurrent throughout, from the mysterious opening remarks to the... rapid-fire dialogue between various characters...”

“They sing in boisterous voices and play accordions and seduce their audiences with a combination of hard liquor and woozy gypsy waltzes.”

“In the process of creating and then producing 'Night is the Mirror,' the band...taught itself a few things, like: be careful what you wish for. If you're going to dream, dream big. And you can't have too many creative friends.”

“I knew my gender afforded me a little added security against getting singled out by the singer for Alacartoona. But this is a cabaret act that used to gig regularly at Bar Natasha.”