A Hanging / Press

“These southern dudes play metal and crossover that sounds sweaty and dirty. It's from the dirty south... makes sense. To these ears, it sounds like a mash-up of ST VITUS, BIOHAZARD, FUDGE TUNNEL and crossover-years D.R.I. Quality metal is being played here with the kind of brevity that any fan of hardcore can appreciate”

Greg Harvester - MAXIMUMROCKNROLL #381 (Feb. 2015)

“A Hanging is based out of New Orleans, and they are always ready to play and fuck shit up. The influences of old school thrash and hardcore are palpable. There is a nuance of sludge thrown in here and there. Despite a few line-up changes, the 3 piece has remained strong and true to their roots. With Scott "Scorilla" Walle handling vocals, there is a concerted effort among the band members Bobby Bergeron on bass and Billy "Bones" Baxley on drums to play good shows. They have a blast while doing it. Tales of Woe is tight with a clean delivery that virtually negates the exercise. A Hanging has been known to make people flee venues by playing music that is "too intense for people to handle," said one victim. "Crucify Him" would start a frenzy in the pit. It has a sound that is guaranteed to feed your personal aggression."Sweet Nothing" has a steady riff that makes you want to nod your head while enjoying a beer. It is the south after all. One thing is always certain: the music is solid.”

“A Hanging’s newest release, Tales Of Woe, introduced a new era for the band that involved guitarist, Scott “Scorilla”, taking up vocal duties. While the recording is only 9 minutes long it represents a new era for the band. The recording quality is perfect for their crossover thrash/hardcore sound. The guitar tone sounds a lot like what you’d hear in a band’s practice room; an organic sound that hardly translates into a recording. Tracks “Sweet Nothing” and “I’ll be Damned” have another worth mentioning detail. The 4-count the drummer, Billy Bones, gives at the beginning of each of these tracks is something that mindfully went into these recordings. It’s a subtle notion, but I’d like to think these minute details were kept to make listeners feel more involved in the recording. Overall a killer release although it is fairly short, it delivers itself very solidly. Hopefully this is just a beginning to the new lineup. I give A Hanging “Tales Of Woe” 4/5 c”

"Demented Metal Fuckery"

DM - Anti-Gravity Magazine

“A Hanging Tales Of Woe (Self Release) If you like going to punk or metal shows in New Orleans, chances are you've seen these local thrashers. It's their first release (that I know of) since Food for Rats came out years ago, and it comes with a bit of a personnel change. Alix has since departed the band, leaving the vocal duties to Scorilla. The "legendary" Bobby Paranoize has since joined them on bass and rounding out the three piece lineup is the awesome Billy Bones (one of the most excellent and consistend drummers this city has produced). This short four-song/nine-minute teaser (hopefully a precursor to a full length) goes by really fast. No lyric sheet included, but with songs like "Crucify Him" and "I'll Be Damned", you can guess they're not singing teeny bopper pop love songs. Heavy thrash riffs similar to D.R.I. and deep guttural vocals taht remind me of Mike from Logical Nonsense. If this sounds up your alley, you can check out this release at ahanging504.bandcamp.com.”

"Nobody does crossover metal/hardcore here at home better than A Hanging; nobody. Their set should be as intense for punk fanatics as it is for thrash maniacs alike."

“If you are looking for organic, good thud, you could not find any better, A Hanging is the band, which definitely puts the music on the emotions and the most vivid reflection, there is no room for some sort of super-productions, triggers and other junk study, are for the four zelbetony, which niemilosiernie.Sami gentlemen crease their music as a mix of thrash and hardcore punk, I have to pinch seasoned dorzucilbym oparai weeds stonera.Nikt is currently not playing better crossover in the world and do not surprise me with are invited by the big stage to those concerts, if only there in August in New Orleans (Goatwhore, DRI, St.Vitus, Eyehategod). Each of these four songs are wkurwionego roaring beast, colored Thrashing melodic, hardcore rhythms, plus a whole ton of weight that crushes ala Crowbar.Epka brittle bones and teeth, vocal Scorilli fits this kind of sounds reproduced accurately, so if you yearn for the days when he reigned crossover DRI, Cro-Mags MODczy, A Hanging is for you.”