“Folk metal has never sounded better than this band. To be honest, I was never into the genre at all. But this band has changed that for me. With battle charged lyrics, “Odin Will Provide” is the call to bludgeon your enemies, at least that’s what I felt like doing. This sounds like a band that’s been around for over a decade, though to the best of my knowledge have only been around for a short time. May I call this folk death metal? Cause I just did. Seriously, these guys are overdue to be signed. They’re onto something here, and people need to take notice. Give them a try and judge for yourself. 8.8/10”

“...Fucking fantastic... ...Amazing song structure and execution... ...Two fucking amazing pieces of melodeath... ...Fucking epic...”

“Consider me surprised by this Greenville, NC startup, but this is some pretty good melodeath. They describe themselves as a pagan melodeath band and they have decided to release their two song EP for free via bandcamp. Both of the songs are solid as hell and the title track contains a fucking tasty solo. Give this stuff a listen, it’s really good.”