Addison Station / Press

"If the EP is indeed a taste of the full-length to come, fans should expect quite the diverse album. Multiple facets from multiple genres make an appearance on this one; perhaps it is their diversity shining through in their songs or perhaps the aim is for mass appeal. The one commonality between all the tracks is that each is appropriate for radio format, if not spread across several different formats. The musicality is there, the songwriting is technically tight and the tracks are produced well..."

"They can handle both an amped-up pop vibe as well as a simple acoustic one... The vocals are fast and soulful, reminiscent of Justin Timberlake at certain points. Guitars play right in the pocket... In the end, I couldn't help but be charmed. Addison Station is making incredibly catchy pop music. But we're not talking Bieber or Spears here; this is grown folk pop music. I'm talking Maroon 5 and Jamiroquai. They're not quite on that level yet, but certainly on their way. The songs are packed with story-telling and emotion, and just enough playfulness to keep it youthful. I'm ready for their full-length."

"The high-powered energy of Addison Station makes them a lock for big things. I feel that their Suit Up EP is a perfect introduction to the act. Few bands are able to create a full-feeling effort in the EP format, but the five salvos that the band issues will make listeners stand up and join in... this is hard-hitting while still having a tremendous amount of finesse."

"Addison Station is in the top 5% of bands i've ever seen on this stage."

Manager - Toads Place

"Soon enough we'll be selling Addison Station tickets."


"Addison Station know how to craft a Pop song whether it's a ballad or a more upbeat song. Attention to detail is of the highest order here and the music sounds crystal clear with an expressive mix."

"Addison Station; two fabulously talented singers who know their way around a guitar, and a harmonica and who are about to get a lot of attention from a lot of people. Their "Lost and Found" original is the kind of tune that reminds you of a carefree warm sunny fall day on a college campus when you had no cares except to figure out where the party was."

Ann Nyberg - WTNH News

"Addison Station's music has fallen into a niche of funky pop rock tunes powered with a driving rhythmic foundation, vocal harmony, and pop sensibility."

“...with Addison Station this show could turn the blackest of metal heads into acoustic rockers.”

"The acoustic duo carefully selected pop songs that showcased their excellent dual harmonies. They nailed the chorus harmonies of Tom Petty’s “Last Dance with Mary Jane,” and they even brought out an old flame I haven’t heard since the ‘90s — Tonic’s “If You Could Only See.”

“...it’s difficult not to get involved in the music when (Jeff) Kenniston and (Trent) Gerbers set up songs like “Lost and Found”!”

"I have never heard a band sound better in this room."

Scott Amenta - Advanced Entertainment

"Addison Station is a great band. Their original songs are catchy as hell, with great harmonies to boot. They put on a high energy live show, throw in some excellent covers and keep the crowd rocking."

"Addison Station is a GREAT band!