A Corpse Vanishes / Press

“Jeremie Fletcher aka Jerms Warfare is talented rockabilly and punk guitarist. Pulling double duty with Austin “Alternabilly” girl group Danger*Cakes and horror-punk outfit A Corpse Vanishes. Take a moment or two to get to know her better right now! ”

“A Corpse Vanishes” is a monster mashing surf rock smash! Their sound will have you tapping your feet and screaming with terror at the same time! Combining surf rock traditionalism with a punk edge, they have easily climbed to the top of the psychobilly heap! We had ourselves a little chat with Ian from the band and this is what he had to say!”

“l If you haven’t had a chance to catch ACV, you are missing out. This band is fantastic. Whether you’re appreciating Jeremie’s multi-leveled guitar playing, swooning over Chris’ swift fluidity over the bass strings, or mesmerized by Ian’s showmanship on the drums, you will be happily sucked into the dark spiral that A Corpse Vanishes creates. ”