Aces Over Eights / Press

“They call their music ‘Red Dirt Rock’ and this bunch of local outlaws will take that ‘red dirt rock’ to the tallest stage in Texas this Saturday night. Aces Over Eights has put in a bunch of blood, sweat and tears and now that hard work comes to fruition at their ‘Bleeding the Truth’ CD release party at Little Texas. Aces Over Eights is no stranger to the Abilene music scene or Rock 108. They’ve played all over town at places like the Seafood Tavern, Chelsea Street Pub, Jack Rabbit Slims, Lucky Mule and Little Texas (just to name a few). They’ve also made countless appearances on Rock 108′s Local Licks Live. Their influences range from Pearl Jam to Johnny Cash to Pantera to Hank Williams and more. Even though they come from all parts, these are good ol’ Texas boys who know how to rock and have a damn good time. They’ve played many shows, big and small. But none is bigger than the show they will play on Saturday, June 23rd for their 1st CD release party. ”

"It's like a combination lock or winning lottery numbers. They all came together and it lined up just right. Their music defines what the rest of us want to say but don't know how. I relate on a deep level to the band's creative side. Nathan has a really clear mind."

Brad Bell - Screamin' Ink

"I've seen a lot of talent come through West Texas, but these guys have something different. Those original songs, Nathan's voice, it's like my heart is breaking. They love music and what they're doing and it shows."

Mason Staggs - Music Promoter