Ace Mack / Press

“Ace Mack is getting more work prepared for touring as he prepares to support his 10th body of work and first EP. ‘Moment of Truth’ arrives February 1rst 2015 and the rapper has just announced a local string of shows to support the album.After the upcoming release, Ace Mack will immediately distribute ‘Moment of Truth’ which is now available for Pre-order via iTunes(Seen Above) and the track listing for the disc has surfaced. Ace Mack says the current single, ‘Truth’ “Is a pretty simple and visceral escapist sentiment. It’s about not wanting to be a victim of the truth around you, and embracing the good and bad as a way to find a comfort in the life you still have and can cherish”. Stay tuned for more updates as Ace Mack’s ‘Moment of Truth’ approaches.”