Absolva / Press

“Gorgeous and beautiful album.. "Defiance" grabbed me by the throat from the beginning & is possibly my favorite & possibly the bands best album to date!”

“Huge performances, a mix that nails it to your cerebellum, & Absolva's trademark craft of irresistible construction. Defiance can seem stubborn. This Defiance just seems heroic 8/10”

Steve Swift - Powerplay

“together with that of Iced Earth, my album of the year . 9/10 (Defiance album)”

Nico De Vreese - Rock Tribune

“Defiance is to be interpreted as one of the great evolutions of Heavy Metal music. This is one British act that took my mind by storm, proved to me that there is something to look up to in the new generation of Metal music. 9/10”

“a triumph of songwriting & showcases the amazing guitar work which never fails to impress when seen live 4.5/5 (Defiance album)”

“an Iron Maiden of the time of "Powerslave".. with pinches of Megadeth.. excellent open vocals.. an excellent disc 9/10 (Defiance album)”

“ABSOLVA has therefore hit hard again, with a 4th album always inspired, very direct and eye-catching, crammed with catchy riffs 9/10 (Defiance album)”

“ABSOLVA’s first gig in Sweden.. The intensity and groove they get are absolutely fantastic & it is super-tight. But still fun to watch.. definitely deserved all attention they got and it’s super to see that more bands than the headliners get a decent crowd. Live review from Huskvarna Rock & Art festival, Sweden”

“catchy and addictive British heavy metal with blazing guitars and thundering rhythms to keep your head banging for a very long time 10/10 (Never A Good Day To Die)”

“No one escapes, the message is clear I think! 90/100 (Never A Good Day To Die)”

Nico 'Mr.Hell' De Vreese - Rock Tribune

“probably Absolva’s best & most accomplished work, & given that they were already the best underground band in Britain that makes this extremely good 9/10 (Never A Good Day To Die)”

“from start to finish was some of the best metal I have heard.. you need this album if you love heavy metal 10/10 (Never A Good Day To Die)”

“each of these 11 tracks can stand up on its' own.. one of the albums of the year (Never A Good Day To Die)”

Steve Swift - Powerplay

“like a clock, what a sound! AWOBHM (Absolva's Wave of British Heavy Metal) is coming for you !! 90/100 (Never A Good Day To Die)”

“Pure heavy metal that comes clearly from the heart.. Gene Simmons said something along the lines of 'rock n roll is dead' .. we must with all due respect contradict this statement”

“technically advanced set of unadulterated Heavy Metal.. frontman very charismatic.. radiated energy & the fun of young wolves.. did everything to involve the audience... a memorable passage (live review : Rebel Rock Festival : Genk, Belgium. 17th Oct 2015)”

“great fusion of Heavy Metal to follow on from their previous two releases, which combines the mid-range sounds of Metallica with the domineering power metal of Iron Maiden 4/5 (Never A Good Day To Die)”

“there are highlights galore on the album.... a massive and enjoyable release 9/10 (Never A Good Day To Die)”

“influences from both sides of the Atlantic.. the atmosphere of Iced Earth.. certainly an excellent 'essay'”

“words like 'promise' & 'potential' can now be completely cast aside as Absolva deliver a set of songs capable of rivalling even the top dogs of this genre (Never A Good Day To Die)”

Steven Reid - Fireworks

“takes all that has gone before & pushes it to another level. Masterful songwriting, twin guitar attack, epic solos.. this album could have been the follow-up to Peace Of Mind! Classic. British. Metal.”

“2015 is a year of quality heavy metal albums and Never A Good Day To Die is.. alongside The Book Of Souls IRON MAIDEN & Win Hands Down ARMORED SAINT 9/10”

“that immense Absolva sound with more & more class on each album........10/10 (Never A Good Day To Die”

“stunning classic British Metal, brought to life with modern complexities & highlighted with technical brilliance (Never A Good Day To Die)”

“a real sense of connection here.... silent tragedies and agonized emotions played out in exquisitely hand-crafted and wonderfully precise detail. 5/5 (Never A Good Day To Die album review)”

“Brothers Chris (vocals/guitar) and Luke (guitar/vocals) work well together and you can hear the connection they have throughout, especially on stand-out track, No Tomorrow, where everything just gels together perfectly 4/5 (Never A Good Day To Die album review)”

“connected to musical greats but forges its' own path.. With so much emphasis these days on trends & gimmicks it’s refreshing to see a band happy to let their music do the talking (Never A Good Day To Die album)”

“entered with a studied lack of fanfare bang on 8.45 & launched into a precise incision that lasted for an hour & a quarter.. 'Code Red' ended it all with a triumphant rush. Short, sharp, but never a shock; we know how good Absolva are (Review from the Manchester, Sound Control show - Feb. 22nd 2015)”

Steve Swift - Powerplay

“Chris Appleton.. virtuosity on guitar, especially when he combines with brother Luke to engage in some showy solos, is unparalleled, & his soaring vocals being matched by the whole crowd was amazing to experience (live review Manchester, Sound Control show 22/2/2015 http://getyourrockout.co.uk/wp/absolva-asylum-city-zoo-amethyst-sound-control-manchester-23022015/”

"hard hitting drums and some screaming riffs accompanied by a few mighty metal screams" 5/5 (Anthems To The Dead album review)

“disarmingly modest & yet undeniably sharp.. pummelling power.. marvellous melody. (9/10 live review, Manchester, Sound Control. 31st May 2014)”

Steve Swift - Powerplay

"The band has carved out their own distinctive sound that immediately makes them identifiable.... a killer record" (Anthems To The Dead album review)

“British metal is still alive & kicking, people are still coming to shows & people still want it (Chris Appleton interview)”

Steven Reid - Fireworks

“taking serious steps towards being an act of depth & meaning, while still hitting with the old school authority that only the likes of Iron Maiden, Saxon or Judas Priest can usually muster.. if there's been a better UK metal album this year, I sure as hell haven't heard it (Anthems To The Dead)”

Steven Reid - Fireworks

“a pearl in heavy metal. This is a modern day NWOBHM album”

Rock Tribune Magazine (Belgium)

“This is what I love to see from bands, heavy moments and then more passionate, cleaner sections. I can see even bigger & better things coming for ABSOLVA 9/10”

"This is the show of the year so far.. it’s going to take something truly special to beat it!"

“Epic mid-set highlight The Altar And The Cross is as good as anything Iron Maiden have managed in the past two decades – its classic fusion of light and dark allowing Absolva to unleash their full rock arsenal. 8/10”

“It is thrashy, it is thunderous, and it is dangerous”

“Absolva have reached the meridian of creativity and fecundity with Anthems to the Dead”

“If you could bottle the professionalism, attitude, fun and music that these three guys provide then there wouldn't be the need for drugs!”

“a massive statement from a band who are defining the future of British metal" .. infectious, uplifting & impossible to ignore”

“The production is excellent, and " Anthems to the dead" shows us that these guys are more than ready for the big time, are eager to make their name and known to the farthest corner of the metal scene”

"The production & mixing of this album is world class.. The final track ‘Silent Sacrifice’ is a masterpiece. The presence of Luke Appleton of Iced Earth is a more than welcome addition.. The guitar harmonies on this track are mouth watering. The drumming is crystal clear, the riffs are complex and the tone is gorgeous. Dan Bate’s bass lines underlay an absolute epic"

"fans will delight in what this record offers.. a worthy successor to a staggering debut.. gilt edge execution will surely see their following increase yet still"

“It's dynamic songwriting shining through with meaty riffs, emotive choruses and fantastic musicianship”

“A wealth of classy Metal riffs, blazing guitar solos and melodic choruses”

“Appleton’s ability on lead is incredible, pulling off chugging riffage and slicing atmospheric solos with samurai quality precision”

"A rival to any metal album released this year. Strength in adversity, brilliance in motion. Absolva in excelsis". 9/10

“Top-notch British metal with brains, balls & big tunes. Like Thin Lizzy & Megadeth arm-wrestling in a backstreet boozer!”

Dom Lawson (of Metal Hammer)

“grabbed an already packed venue, shook them vigorously, demanded & got fists in the air, before leaving the stage as conquering heroes (support show with Iced Earth in Glasgow)”

Fireworks magazine

“twenty first century metal of the very highest order. In a word, stunning (album review)”

“whatever Appleton does you know you're going to have an epic on the album.. the superb ‘Free’. It's just seven and half minutes of pure molten Metal joy”

“brilliant harmony lead & vocal exhibition. This band is definitely one to watch (Bloodstock Open Air 2012)”

Martin Harris - Powerplay