Abraham Cloud / Press

“after hearing a few songs, I realized some secret tunnel had opened between me and the music, a bridge or a vein, a private passage,what was coming through was way more than just music. It was like the first time tripping, when the door flew open and blew right off its hinges”

MJ - Rolling Stome

“His gritty observations on heartache and lust are softened by an unguarded disenchantment that never slips into saccharine, self-absorbed reverie”

NM - The Utne Reader

“Cloud's poetry is right on the mark. The lyrics aren't printed, but he sings them clearly and his stories of life in a society gone mad are easily understood. ”

Slug Magazine

“His deranged sense of humor steps forward on "Let's Make Love (On The Floor Of The Liquor Store)," "Cigarette Bar," and stinging "Are You R?”

John Fortuado - The Review of Records

“His "losers with heart" story lines are reminiscent of Tom Waits or Springsteen. "Another Successful Breakfast" is sometimes scary,sometimes funny, but always very real.”

Raymond Ecke - Cover Magazine

“Abraham Cloud sounds like acynical and broken-hearted explosion of experiences, observations and vulnerabilities. He is like salt on polished onyx - he's got the gift of rock with the luster of style. And he's a pirate. ”

Hap Mansfield - CAKE

“His lyrics are witty, warm, sexy,intelligent, and lonely. He whispers, shouts, groans and manages with his elegant voice to make it all seem like singing. Oh, did I mention he writes a hell of a song?”

Hap Mansfield - Cake Magazine

“Each track of "Another Successful Breakfast" creates tales of pure pop fantasies, that have no doubt been extracted straight from tear-jerking, real life experiences. Honestly, it sure is a pleasure to hear an artist who places equal attention and focus on the music and lyrics. Thanks. ”

Jennie Tagle - Big Shout

“I can crawl inside your music like it's a cathedral cave and live there, and I can feel it permeate me completely like some kind of beautiful dye in my soul.”

A L - SF Artists Journal

"The Company of Strangers," recalling some of David Bowie's best, most contemplative moments. Inspired by Neil Young's "Freedom" , Cloud - singing in a mid-range, cigarette-streaked voice - carries on that tradition of ragged but real rock with authority.

Mal Weston - Bam

“Abraham Cloud, first and foremost , is an urban storyteller. His songs are rich with the scenery of Big City Life. Writing , Drinking, Working and dying. The ecstasy and devastation of everyday life is played out poetically in all his work.”


“From Los Angeles, with songs of wry satire and raw nerve, a voice of wise emotion and a heart like Warren Zevon or Randy Newman at his best. Fun stories from the wasteland of the autocratic culture that consumes everything in its numbered, numbing path.”

Angelo - Angelo'sList

“'Norma McCall' makes me wanna move! It's a good song to listen to while getting ready to go out for an evening of revelry... You know, to get ya pumped up to paarrrtay! ;)This song reminds me a bit of 'The Farm'... 'Flying Over You' makes me think of 'Catherine Wheel'...”

“I've played it over and over and believe there are several hits . It was a joy to let them fly on my show today. The vocals played so well I thought for a moment I had found a Bowie / Petty tag team duet. Do not miss the chance to check this music out. You'll be sorry if you do.”

Leto Covington DJ - 91.3 FM WSGR - Port Huron

“PUT ON TRACK 2 IMMEDIATELY !!!!! It's called "Norma Mc Call,"and it's an out-of-the-box smash hit. Truly the best party song I've heard in years. It reminds me a bit of ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ in its vibe. But it's more of a combination of like the B52’s and Ozzie Osborne.”

Bjorn Engler - Indie Press