About the Mess / Press

“Some bands are better on CD than they are live. Some bands are better live than on CD. And then you have bands who play great on albums, and when you see them live they just blow you away with how great they sound loud and live. The latter is what you get with Chicago's own About The Mess. For a band who only been around a few short months, they guy's have the chops live that some bands can never get over the course of their career. And they proved it at the Cobra Lounge on July 22.”

“Example, everyone and their mother has sexual fantasies, granted, some are far more perverse than others, but some people actually play them out. However, what happens when someone does actually play one out and it gets out in the open? Miraculously everyone else suddenly doesn't have these fantasies, and the person who actually did get tied up wearing assless chaps, hanging from one of those swings, with nipple clamps on and a ball gag in his/her mouth, and has his/her butthole fingered by some guy(s) and/or girl(s) is villanized for it, and dragged through the ringer for committing no crime, and simply being a horny, and consensual human. So yeah, on that note... the underlying topic of a song might change, but that is the perspective the lyrics are coming from, assless chaps and ball gags...”