aaron hamre (A.K.A. DUKE ROOSTER) / Press

“Austin's Best Jam Bands (cont') 7) Jabarvy 8) Mikado *9) Aaron Hamre Band 10) Eric Johnson”

“In the thrilling tradition of singing, songwriting lead guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, and George Harrison, Aaron Hamre has cultivated his own sonically eclectic approach to pop/rock music while remaining shamelessly steeped in the fiery roots of rhythm and blues.”

"When Aaron Hamre sings, people are compelled to listen. There's an urgent and epic quality to each of the songs he performs as if this modern would-be pop star is infused with a bardic entity from a time when the song held up the highest star in the communications pantheon. And it's really no wonder, for the kinds of influences that Hamre always has drawn on, including the Beatles, Native American music and African rhythms, are resonate forms that have endured their way through millions of listeners..." (page 38; Article: AT A CROSSROADS)