Aaron English / Press

“Seattle's Aaron English is one of the most talented piano men I have ever encountered and one of America's finest songwriters in 2010...English may prove to be the most relevant songwriter of the year. His work on the timeless american (fever) dream is pure contemplative genius”

"...perhaps the single best line I have heard on an album this year… “…but you play hard to forget…” ...The lyric, from “Sleight of Heart” is simple, beautiful and launches a grand melody for the chorus with English’ vocals perfectly counterbalanced by Leah Siegel and Scott Adams... This is all I could ever want from music".

““…a talented new artist in a class with other stylistically challenging singer-songwriters such as Peter Gabriel, Joseph Arthur, and Perry Blake…potent lyricism, eloquence, and beautiful sublime melodies that reach much deeper than simple pop songs…””

Mark Newman - Progression Magazine

“Despite a traditional, solid piano/vocal core American Fever Dream constantly finds room to surprise through either quirk or plain old-fashioned talent. Take opening track ‘Believe’, the best way to describe it would be something like ‘indie sea-shanty folksong’. This runs the risk of making it sound gimmicky, or kitsch, or one of those reprehensible ‘joke’ tracks; in actual fact this is a serious and sorrowful song about hope and loss, featuring some well written and heartfelt lyrical content. We then move on to ‘Doves’, a poppy ballad track with gospel style back up. So far so much religious-tinged navel gazing. Except then ‘God Bless You and Your Man’ rolls around to shuttles us into to some homespun reggae, upbeat and backed up by a generous helping of brass, while ‘A Northern Sort of Silence’ sounds uncannily like English is channelling the spirit of a mature Robbie Williams. No, really.”

““I’m listening to Aaron English’s taster track for the umpteenth consecutive time and it sounds really good to me...I think if he were on a major label this is the kind of song that would get top priority. I can’t wait to hear more of his stuff!””

Jim Nelson - A Taste of Triple A

"One of the best undiscovered artists in today's music world."

David McKinney - music-reviewer.com

““…a remarkably mature and refreshingly original piece, and should be required listening for any self-respecting music lover.””

Duncan Glenday - Progressive Ears