Whitney Shay / Press

"Whitney Shay [can] pound out the blues like someone I interviewed years ago who told me her name was Miss Peaches and who had the advantages of years and heft on Shay...Shay sometimes has a rasp in her delivery that sounds like her pipes were basted in the same gin and juice and nicotine as [Etta] James over years (they were not.). At other times, she glides about the blues scale slippery, free of gravity like a trombone. But what rivets a listener's shoes to the floor is the sheer sound of confidence."

"Whitney Shay is a young singer who, with her blues band or jazz ensemble, is raising the rafters on many a San Diego nightspot...Shay has an original approach to her music, and it is a bit difficult to describe the way she sings...Her voice has a great deal of presence and projection, and there is an honesty in her approach...Shay is a singer with a big voice who isn’t trying to show it off but isn’t afraid to use it either."

"Whitney Shay [sings] with the depth and mojo of a woman twice her age"

Dave Good - music writer for the San Diego Reader

"A new talent who is taking San Diego by storm, Whitney Shay."