Sway Boy / Press

“&& if ya dont think @WHOisSwayBoy is the sh*t, get ya mental checked. Step ya #MusicGame up ! :)”


“aye bro i was jus chillin listenin 2 yo music bro u hard as hell keep yo head up bro”

DeShaun Hatcher

"Wow...I must say ur pretty good..You speak the truth and keep it real and u don't even curse or degrade women in your song : )Keep it up!"

Unknown Author

"yhu a beast..love it..i support sway boy..hit me up....!"

Unknown Author

"u got talent boi an i like wut u rappin bout cuz most ppl be rappin bout crap.an das sum real talk.i hope u get far wit this.i really do"

Unknown Author

“The best gift in life is giving life to someone”

Unknown Author

“In the end who's team will you be on. Heaven or Hell?”

Cleon Anderson

“Good is good, but better is better, because better will get you to your best.”

Rigel Dawson

“Being comfortable keeps you from greatness”

Jay McDaniel